Daily Archives: June 16, 2014

BANTAM > A’s School Expos 13-6

THE ATHLETICS PULL AWAY FOR THE VICTORY OVER THE EXPOS AT DOMINICO FIELD Game Post composed with files from Paul Kelly and Marco Bianchi. Beneath a layer of warm and hazy skies, the A’s defeated the Expos 13-6 in four innings of Bantam Division action this evening at Dominico Field at Christie […]

PEEWEE > Lizzies Usurp Orioles 13-12

TRAILING 12-11, THE GO GO LIZZIES RALLY FOR A PAIR IN THE BOTTOM OF THE FOURTH TO DEFEAT THE O’s IN A BATTLE ROYALE AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Post composed with files from Jenny Foster and Peter Roy. In the warmth of the night beneath the shimmer of the incandescent lights, the […]

PEEWEE > Jays Overthrow Royals 10-9

DOWN 9-7, THE BLUE BIRDS RALLY FOR THREE IN THE FOURTH INNING TO TOPPLE THE MAJESTIC ROYALS IN A THRILLER AT CHRISTIE PITS Underneath a picturesque canvas of sunny and warm skies, the Jays edged the Royals 10-9 in four cardiac innings of Peewee Division play this evening at Christie Pits […]