Daily Archives: June 27, 2016

PEEWEE > Pirates Plunder Expos 9-4

TAKING CONTROL OF THE MIZZENMAST, THE GNARLY BUCCANEERS LOOT THE LANDLUBBING EXPOS TO HOIST THE TREASURED GOLD DOUBLOONS OF SWEET VICTORY AT BICKFORD PARK BAY Beneath a shiver me timbers ceiling of warm and hazy skies, the Pirates defeated the Expos 9-4 in 3 ½ seadog innings of Peewee Division play […]

PEEWEE > Giants Usurp Cardinals 7-6

DOWN 6-4, THE MIGHTY GIANTS RALLY IN POWERFUL FASHION IN THE FINAL INNING TO CLIP THE RED BIRDS IN A THRILLER AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Summary edited with file from Kevin Lawrie Under the twilight on a warm summer night, the Giants edged the Cardinals 7-6 in five riveting innings of Peewee […]

PEEWEE > Dodgers Top Mets 8-6

THE ARTFUL DODGERS PREVAIL OVER THE GRITTY METROPOLITANS AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Summaries edited with files from Jeff Kolyn and Terry Brown. Photographs taken by Matthew A. (2) and Emilia (5) of the Mets. Beneath a sheath of warm and hazy skies, the Dodgers prevailed 8-6 over the Mets in 3 […]