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Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Hall of Fame

FOR SERVING OUR LEAGUE AND COMMUNITY WITH AN UNBRIDLED LOVE FOR THE GAME, BILL EVANS HAS BEEN NAMED THE  INAUGURAL INDUCTEE IN OUR NEWLY MINTED HALL OF FAME Post composed by Paul Hum with a file from Paul Bagnell The Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Committee has named Bill Evans as the inaugural inductee into our newly christened TP House League Baseball Hall […]

2016 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Award Winners

OUR ANNUAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE WERE HANDED OUT AT A GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING HELD AT THE BOB ABATE COMMUNITY CENTRE Amidst a large and enthusiastic gathering at the annual Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball General Membership meeting held this evening at the Bob Abate Community and Recreation Centre, the TP House League Baseball Committee announced […]