UPDATE: All TP House League Baseball Games & Practices on June 20 are Proceeding as Scheduled   Recently updated !

AS OF 4:50 P.M., ALL THURSDAY GAMES AND PRACTICES ARE PROCEEDING AS SCHEDULED As of 4:50 p.m., the Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee has announced that all scheduled House League games and practices on Thursday, June 20 are proceeding as scheduled. If warranted, additional updates will be posted on our Hotline [416-392-1914; Press 4] […]

TP Mosquito & Peewee Division House League Baseball Sliding Clinic On Tap for June 9

THE SUNDAY SLIDING CLINIC AT CHRISTIE PITS IS OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED PLAYERS IN OUR MOSQUITO (2008-2009) AND PEEWEE (2006-2007) DIVISIONS Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball will be holding a Sliding Clinic on Sunday, June 9 for all interested players registered in our respective Mosquito (2008-2009) and Peewee (2006-2007) age divisions. Participating players will be taken through […]