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Toronto Playgrounds is a baseball league that operates out of Christie Pits and Bickford Park in Toronto. The league offers house league, select, and rep level teams for children ages 4-18.

To contact us about our house league or select baseball programs, please send an email to .

All the latest TP Baseball News is available on our website at and

Additionally, you can get the latest news and weather updates via Twitter @TPbaseballnews.

On days of uncertain weather, you can get updates pertaining to your game or practice via our TP Hotline (416-392-1914, Press 4), Twitter feed and website.

If you wish to contact us by mail, our mailing address is:

TP Baseball
c/o Bob Abate CRC
485 Montrose Ave.
Toronto ON
M6G 3H2

You can also leave us a voice message at 416–392-1914 (Press 5).

To contact us about our rep baseball program, please email:

With whatever form of communication you seek to choose, we promise to respond to your query as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support of TP Baseball.



Steve Smith (Baseball Coordinator)

Bill Evans  (President)

Paul Bagnell  (Treasurer)

Jason Lee  (Umpiring & Website Coordinator)

Paul Hum  (Equipment & Website)

Alex Beauvais  (Committee Member)

Paul Kelly  (Committee Member & REP Liaison)

Carolyn Murphy  (Committee Member & Community Liaison)

Jeff Kolyn (Committee Member)