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Photos from the 2019 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Season.

Updated on April 3, 2021

2021 TP House League On-Line Registration Information/FAQ

As has always been the case, the safety of our participants and their families is the number one priority for us here at Toronto Playgrounds Baseball. As was the case in 2020, there are a number of provincial and local regulations and Return to Sport health and safety protocols that will be in place due to us still being in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, our House League program will be operating somewhat differently in 2021 than it has historically done. The changes are explained in the 2021 TP House League Baseball Division Schedule document, which you should also read before beginning the on-line registration process. The link to the Division Schedule will be available on our website ( under the House League tab at the top of the home page at noon on Wednesday, March 31st.

The following Organizational Background, House League Divisions, and Registration Fee sections provide information you need to know before beginning registration. The On-Line Registration Process section will then take you through the on-line form step by step.

Organizational Background

  • Baseball Ontario is the provincial governing body for baseball in Ontario.
  • Toronto Playgrounds Baseball is a “Local Association” member of Baseball Ontario.
  • Baseball Ontario has for many years collected rosters and registration information for players and coaches on Select and Rep teams throughout the province (including our TP teams).
  • In 2020 Baseball Ontario moved to a “Central Registration” system for house league participants as well.
  • Therefore, when you register for 2021 house league with Toronto Playgrounds Baseball by completing the on-line registration form, you will also be “registering” with Baseball Ontario.
  • This process won’t make any real difference to your “baseball experience” with TP however, since Toronto Playgrounds Baseball has been a member association of Baseball Ontario for many years. We have been affiliated with them through our insurance coverage, coach training, and the registration of our select and rep players coaches and teams. “Local Association” will refer to Toronto Playgrounds Baseball.
  • This “Central Registration” initiative simply means that registration information regarding house league players will also be centrally available to Baseball Ontario for use in their role as the provincial governing body for baseball, in situations where they need to know numbers of players, age breakdowns, etc.

House League Divisions

For the 2021 House League season, the following age divisions will be in effect:

Year of BirthDivision
2016 and 2017Junior Tee Ball
2014 and 2015Senior Tee Ball
2013Junior Rookie Ball
2012Senior Rookie Ball
2010 and 2011Mosquito
2008 and 2009Peewee
2006 and 2007Bantam
2003, 2004 and 2005Varsity
  • Parents wishing to register in a division other than the one corresponding to their child’s birth year will need to get approval for that by emailing us at The on-line form will not allow parents to register “out of division”.
  • The days and times that the different age groups play their games and have their practices can be found on the 2021 TP House League Baseball Division Schedule which is posted on our website.

Registration Fee

  • The 2021 registration fee for our Tee Ball and Rookie Ball divisions is $225.00 per player.
  • The 2021 registration fee for our Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam and Varsity divisions is $250.00 per player.
  • Families registering more than two children in our House League program can receive a $25.00 reduction in the registration fee of the third and any additional siblings signing up. Please email us at to receive the discount code if you are in this situation. You will need to type the code in the appropriate box on the payment page of the online registration form.

The increase in fees for 2021 reflects increased costs on the part of Toronto Playgrounds Baseball for personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, and equipment such as forehead thermometers, all of which are essential to the provision of the safest possible house league program for all of our players and families. We are also going to be taking on additional staffing charges regarding our Field Supervisors, as we continue to ensure that we have a sufficient number of “eyes and hands” at all of our diamonds to ensure that our activities are taking place safely.

As always, parents can email us at if they would like to discuss an extended payment plan or financial assistance regarding our fee.

On-Line Registration Process

Once you have read through this information and the 2021 TP House League Baseball Division Schedule, you will have all of the information you need to register on-line. Once on-line registration has gone “live”, you will be able to access the on-line registration form by clicking on the “2021 House League On-Line Registration Form” link found at the bottom of the On-Line Registration/FAQ page of our website. You can register players for any of our house league divisions on-line.

A player’s registration will not be considered finalized until payment has been made or a payment arrangement has been made with the league coordinator. If you would like to request financial assistance, please complete your child’s/children’s registration(s), choose the “offline” payment method, and contact us at

On-Line Registration Form

Step 1: Personal Information

  • The first section of page 1 is the 2021 Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Participation Agreement. The agreement is written in full on page 1 of the form. Please read through the agreement carefully. You will need to enter your name further down page 1 to indicate that you consent and agree to the terms of the agreement in order to register with Toronto Playgrounds for 2021. Please email us at if you have questions regarding the agreement.
  • The second section of page 1 is the Concussion Awareness requirements for participants. Under Rowan’s Law, which is provincial legislation passed in 2018, a player (and the parent or legal guardian of the player if the player is under 18 years of age) must review at least one of the Concussion Education Resources provided by the Province of Ontario and the Baseball Ontario Player Code of Conduct before that player can be registered with Toronto Playgrounds Baseball and Baseball Ontario. We are also asking that you review the Baseball Ontario Parent Code of Conduct. The links to the Concussion Education materials and the Codes of Conduct will be found in this section. Becoming familiar with these resources and this information is extremely important and a valuable use of time as we all try to work to reduce the incidence and dangerous impacts of concussions in children and youth. In order to register with Toronto Playgrounds for 2021 you will need to acknowledge further down page 1 that you have reviewed the Concussion Education materials and the Codes of Conduct and that you agree to abide by them.
  • The next section is the Player Information section. The “Are You A Returning Player” question is really asking whether or not your child already has a Goalline account (from any sports league they have played in).  If you have a Goalline Account answer “yes” and enter your child’s name, player access code, and date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd), and you will be taken to the on-line form. If you don’t already have a Goalline Account answer “no” and you will be taken to the on-line form.
  • If you are a new player you will provide information regarding the player and answer questions/provide consent. If you are a returning player you will confirm information already in the data base and answer questions/provide consent. Parents with more than one player will need to fill out a separate on-line form for each player…however you can shorten the process somewhat by clicking on the “Register Another Family Member Now” button at the end of the “Registration Complete” section.
  • You will be able to make ONE teammate request which must be reciprocal (requested by the other player as well). We will accommodate teammate requests whenever possible but considerations regarding team balance may prevent us from granting some requests.
  • The next section is the Parent Information section. To ensure that the parent is the primary account holder you must select “yes” to the “Is Parent/Guardian an account holder?” question, even if you are not currently an account holder…answering “yes” will allow you to create the parent account and manage all of your player accounts going forward. On the rest of page 1 you will provide information and answer questions regarding Parent 1 (mandatory) and, if applicable and desired, Parent 2 (optional).
  • In order to proceed to page 2 of the on-line registration form you will need to have provided all required consents.

Step 2: Programs and Products

  • In this section, you will choose the division you wish to register your child for; the Year of Birth/Division chart is at the top of page 2 of the on-line form for reference. Once a division has filled up, there will be a waiting list option for that particular division…if you wish to be on the waiting list for that division you need to choose that option.
  • After choosing the division you wish to register your child in, you will also have the option of making a donation to our “Help A Player Get in The Game” campaign. Contributions to the “Help a Player Get in the Game” campaign are added to a pool of money that is used by the league to pay all or part of the registration fees of players who are interested in registering in our league’s activities but whose families require financial assistance in order for them to participate. People interested in contributing can choose how many $10.00 increments they would like to donate.

Step 3: Policies

  • In this section, you will review and consent to a number of policies from both Toronto Playgrounds Baseball and Baseball Ontario.
  • Due to “Central Registration” (the process that has registrants signing up with Baseball Ontario as well as TP Baseball), you will read policies from both TP Baseball and Baseball Ontario. Due to the way the Baseball Ontario policies are inserted into our form, the Baseball Ontario policy will appear before the TP Baseball policy in the Privacy Policy, the Refund Policy, and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) message. Please read all of these policies, as the consent you are required to provide at the bottom of the Policies page signifies your agreement to abide by all of these policies.
  • Regarding the CASL message from Baseball Ontario on the Policies page, we’d like to point out that Baseball Ontario will not likely be emailing parents directly very often. However, you can email if you wish to unsubscribe to Baseball Ontario emails. In order to opt in to receiving email communications from Toronto Playgrounds Baseball, check the separate consent box further down the Policies page.
  • We would also like to clarify the statement provided at the bottom of the Policies page by Baseball Ontario which says that they “appoint the Local Associations to collect fees on their behalf”. Baseball Ontario WILL NOT be invoicing Toronto Playgrounds Baseball for any portion of the registration fees paid by parents for house league registration…those fees will be staying with Toronto Playgrounds Baseball. While we will be paying Baseball Ontario for our annual membership, our insurance coverage, and coach training clinics as we always have, there will be no new or additional monies paid to Baseball Ontario related to house league registration fees.
  • The Baseball Ontario Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement will be found in the waiver section of page 3, and the Baseball Ontario COVID-19 Declaration of Compliance will be found farther down that page. You will need to read both of these documents as the consent you are required to provide at the bottom of the Policies page includes these documents.
  • Before proceeding to those sections however, you will need to read through the TP Baseball COVID-19 Declaration. The link to the Declaration will be found on the Policies page. By entering your consent at the bottom of the Policies page you will also be agreeing to the terms set out in this document. 
  • By entering your consent at the bottom of page 3 you will also be agreeing to abide by the TP Baseball Guidelines for Participation/Parent Code of Conduct. The link for that document will also be found on page 3.
  • After reading the TP Baseball Guidelines for Participation/Parent Code of Conduct, you will “Review and Consent”, by confirming your player information (including birthdate) and confirming your parent information…to ensure that you are able to retrieve your access code for future use, player and parent 1 birthdates must be entered on the form correctly. You will confirm all division registration information for your player and any donation information from your form. Your “Total Due” will be listed under Programs and Products.
  • After the “Review and Consent” section, you will read the various policies discussed earlier. You should check the box to opt in to receive emails from Toronto Playgrounds Baseball. In order to complete your registration, you will need to provide consent to all of the policies on page 3 by entering your name in the consent box. The name entered must be either Parent 1 or Parent 2.

Step 4: Payment Information

  • Read and follow these steps carefully. First, you will choose which payment method you are going to use to pay the registration fee (and donation, if applicable).
  •  Information regarding how to pay “off-line” by e-transfer, cheque or cash, is provided on the Payment page.
  • If you wish to pay online by credit card, please click on the appropriate button.
  • Make sure you choose Canada in the country drop box in the billing information section.

When you have finished entering the information, you will click the “Submit” button on the “Payment Confirmed” page, and that will take you to the “Registration Complete!” page.

Step 5: Confirmation Message

  • You will receive a confirmation email for the player including information about the next steps.
  • If you wish to register another child from your family, please click on the “Register Another Family Member Now” link at the bottom of the Registration Complete! Section.
  • You will also receive a parental email which will contain your parent access code for future use along with the player access code.

If after reading through the Registration Information FAQ page you still have questions regarding on-line registration, please contact us at

Please click on the link below to begin your online registration:

2021 TP House League On-Line Registration Form