Left to right: Alan Hum (2) of the Homesteads [2006] and Albert Sugerman.

Left to right: Alan Hum (2) of the Homesteads [2006] and Albert Sugerman.

“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”
– Leo Durocher

Welcome to the Albert Sugerman Baseball Library.

This archive of baseball resource materials is available to anyone who is a part of the Toronto Playgrounds Community who is interested in learning more about the game of baseball.

The Sugerman Library is a valuable repository of various books and videos related to the summer game that were generously donated to our organization. The library offers a wide array of learning materials related to baseball coaching and the history of baseball. 

The TP Baseball Committee named the library after Albert Sugerman in recognition of his innumerable and valuable contributions to our baseball program during his tenure as a volunteer and committee member with our organization. Albert’s generous donation of his precious baseball materials to TP laid the foundation for our library resources.

Coaches, Parents and Players are welcome to access these materials free of charge. Check out our listings below and if you see something that is of interest to you, please contact us at and we’ll make arrangements to get the resource to you.

Additionally, the TP Baseball Committee welcomes any additional donations of books and videos related to the game of baseball to our library. If you wish to contribute, please contact us at


  • A Whole Different Ball Game (Marvin Miller; 430 pages)  Written by the founding executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, this book examines the dramatic changes in baseball-from 100 years of “feudalism” to the era of multimillion dollar contracts-and the uphill battle and the seemingly insurmountable struggle in making these changes happen.
  • Baseball Access (Richard Saul Wurman; 75 pages)  An easily accessible primer on all things baseball.
  • Baseball Canada Advanced Coaching Manual (175 pages)  A thorough manual detailing all the aspects of the game that coaches need to know in order to effectively teach players the nuances and skills necessary to play baseball. Learn the best techniques to teach your players how to hit, throw, pitch, steal, etc. This manual has it all.
  • Baseball Canada: The Official Rules of Baseball (2002; 92 pages)  An important resource detailing all the rules that govern the game of baseball.
  • Baseball Field Guide (Dan Formosa & Paul Hamburger; 240 pages)  An in-depth illustrated guide to the complete rules of baseball that is clear and readable.
  • The Baseball Handbook (Bernie Walter; 241 pages)  Arm yourself for every practice, every game and every situation! This comprehensive guide is your one-stop source for expert nuts-and-bolts advice on offense, defense, pitching, baserunning, and special situations.
  • The Baseball Handbook for Coaches and Players (Jim Depel; 96 pages)  This easy-to-use guide begins with tips on hitting and bunting, baserunning and sliding techniques, and continues with many other lessons that will help any player execute better on the diamond.
  • Baseball Intellect (Larry Downes & D. Bruce Gilbert; 123 pages)  This informative book should help players, fans and coaches alike to appreciate the finer points of the game.
  • Baseball Ontario: O.B.A. Playing Rules & Regulations (2003; 64 pages)
  • Baseball Strategies (edited by Jack Stallings & Bob Bennett; 348 pages)  This book is your guide to the game within the game. This complete tactical resource explains what to do, when to do it, and why in all facets of the game.
  • Best Coaches Best Practices (by Andy Higgins; 195 pages)  A book that is a collection of instructive, heart-warming and poignant stories where we learn coaches can learn how to create a safe environment to enable their players to be the best they can be.
  • The Complete Armchair Book of Baseball (edited by John Thorn; 832 pages) An excellent collection of over 100 stories by baseball’s best players, reporters, and writers that portray the sport at its best.
  • The Complete Baseball Handbook (Walter Alston & Dan Weiskopf; 567 pages)  With over 500 photographs, this is a superb guidebook for coaches, players and fans of baseball.
  • The Complete Book of Baseball Signs and Plays (Stu Southworth; 277 pages)  In this fascinating, informative and entertaining one-of-a kind guide, a former coach ushers fans and players into the secret world of professional baseball by revealing the silent codes and strategic gestures that make up the machinery that drives each and every game.
  • Complete Conditioning for Baseball (by Steve Tamborra; 260 pages)  A special book and dvd package that allows coaches to develop a focused conditioning program with exercises, drills, and programs designed to improve the strength, power, speed, agility and quickness of their players.
  • The Complete Instructional Baseball Manual (Fred Stanley; 144 pages) Written by an eleven-year veteran of the Major Leagues, this book offers insightful guidelines for coaches and players from the youth leagues to the major leagues. No aspect of the game has been overlooked. A must read.
  • Gold Glove Baseball (edited by Charlie Greene; 249 pages)  A great book from the American Baseball Coaches Association that offers in-depth instruction, special insights, and practice drills on every aspect of defensive play which will turn your team into a stellar defensive unit.
  • The Great All-Time Baseball Record Book (Joseph L. Reichler; 544 pages)  This book represents a lifetime of research in the archives of baseball and presents a rich, entertaining, useful book for baseball fans of all stripes.
  • Hitting, Pitching and Fielding (Hal Higdon; 127 pages)  Here is a book that makes the complex game of baseball very clear. The author interviewed 36 outstanding major league players in all positions of the game and the pros offer their secrets of their baseball trade as generously as popcorn is dispensed at the ball park.
  • How To Play Baseball (Coles; 345 pages)  A detailed and illustrated book with step-by-step instructions by the greatest players in the game.
  • Jays Jazz: The 1985 Blue Book (David Driscoll; 171 pages) A detailed statistical analysis of the 1985 Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Jays Jazz (David Driscoll; 136 pages) A detailed statistical analysis of the 1986 Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Jays Jazz: 1988 Edition (David Driscoll; 136 pages) A detailed statistical analysis of the 1987 Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Little league Baseball: Official Regulations and Playing Rules (1982; 64 pages)
  • The Love of Baseball (320 pages)  A lovely pictorial book that allows anyone to revel in the lore and legends and colorful characters who made baseball what it is today.
  • Maximizing Baseball Practice (by John Winkin; 130 pages)  A valuable resource for any coach who wishes to get the most out their practices. Learn how to set priorities, plan practices, improve player skills, and develop teamwork.
  • MLB Official Playing Rules: 1999 Edition (Sporting News; 103 pages)
  • The Official Major League Baseball Playbook (edited by Chuck Tanner; 158 pages) A detailed and instructive manual that offers diagrammed plays that cover every possible offensive and defensive scenario that can occur on a baseball diamond.
  • Officiating Baseball (NFHS/ASEP; 162 pages)  An instructive book that covers officiating procedures and responsibilities, plate and field umpire mechanics, and rules application.
  • Pete Rose On Hitting (Pete Rose & Peter Golenbock; 96 pages)  In this unique instructional book, the all-time baseball great offers a revolutionary approach to the art and craft of hitting. With dozens of explanatory photographs, Rose offers clear and easy-to-follow prose about the techniques and attitudes that he’s learned over three decades that can make you a better hitter.  
  • Pick-Up Games: The Rules, The Players, The Equipment (by D.W. Crisfield; 192 pages)  A complete and entertaining compilation of more than 200 spin-off sports that can be played almost anywhere by boys and girls at different levels of athletic ability, with almost any number of participants and with affordable equipment.
  • The Pitcher (John Thorn & John Holway; 324 pages)  The most up-to-date compendium of information on the game’s most important position. This mesmerizing potpourri of statistics, analyses, anecdotes illustrate the much-discussed–but seldom understood–art of pitching.
  • Pitching & Hitting (by Nolan Ryan and Joe Torre; 213 pages)  The know-how and strategy that made Ryan and Torre great comes alive in action photos and an easy to understand “how-to” pitching and hitting guide that will improve any young player’s game.
  • Power Baseball: Dynamic Techniques of Winning (Mel Didier & Gerry Arbic; 152 pages)  This book has been written for the player, the coach, and the fan. It will help players of all ages, and their coaches, to perfect the skills necessary for successful play, and will enable the fan to acquire a better understanding and fuller enjoyment of baseball.
  • The Scouting Report: 1990 (John Dewan & Don Zminda; 681 pages) A baseball lovers statistical delight with detailed analysis of the styles, tendencies, and possibilities of every MLB player based upon the statistics from 1989 and before.
  • Senior and Big League Official Regulations and Playing Rules (1985; 64 pages)
  • Softball: Steps To Success (D. L. Potter & G. R. Brockmeyer; 216 pages)  This book is a unique guide designed to maximize your softball progress by offering skilled instruction that allows you to develop your skills through step by step learning progressions.
  • Sports Illustrated Baseball (Jerry Kindall; 256 pages)  Not just another baseball book, this publication is a thorough and state-of-the art teaching guide that explains the four fundamental skills of baseball–hitting, running, fielding, and throwing–and then builds on these skills in detailed chapters.
  • The STATS Baseball Scoreboard 1990 (John Dewan & Don Zminda; 326 pages) The one baseball book with all the statistical answers to 101 questions that fanatical baseball fans ask all the time. Answers are based upon detailed scientific analysis of the sport’s statistical evidence. Very interesting read.
  • The STATS Baseball Scoreboard 1992 (John Dewan & Don Zminda; 344 pages) The third edition of the one baseball book with all the statistical answers to questions that baseball fans ask all the time. Answers are based upon detailed scientific analysis of the sport’s statistical evidence.
  • The STATS Baseball Scoreboard 1993 (John Dewan & Don Zminda; 341 pages) The fourth edition of the one baseball book with all the statistical answers to questions that baseball fans ask all the time. Answers are based upon detailed scientific analysis of the sport’s statistical evidence.
  • STATS 1990 Major League Handbook (Bill James; 285 pages) From the guru of Sabermetrics, here is a detailed and insightful statistical breakdown of every MLB player who played during the 1989 season.
  • STATS 1991 Major League Handbook (Bill James; 317 pages) Another delight from the godfather of Sabermetrics, here is a detailed and insightful statistical breakdown of every MLB player who played during the 1990 season.
  • STATS 1992 Major League Handbook (Bill James; 329 pages) Another opus from the zen master of Sabermetrics, here is a detailed and insightful statistical breakdown of every MLB player who played during the 1991 season.
  • STATS 1993 Major League Handbook (Bill James; 331 pages) Another effort from the uber guru of Sabermetrics, here is a detailed and insightful statistical breakdown of every MLB player who played during the 1992 season.
  • STATS 1993 Player Profiles (STATS; 501 pages) Upping the sabermetrics ante, STATS publishes a book that contains the most detailed statistical evaluation of every MLB player who played during the 1992 season.
  • Theory of Coaching (edited by David Cooper)  A collection of articles on the theories of coaching a baseball team. This resource will allow any interested coach to determine what type of coach they wish to become and allow them to teach players in the most effective way.
  • The Umpires Handbook (Joe Brinkman & Charlie Euchner; 167 pages)  A complete guide to umpiring from the Little Leagues to the Major Leagues by a veteran American League umpire (remember the “pinetar incident?).
  • Warm Up For Little League Baseball (Morris A. Shirts; 196 pages)  An excellent book that will help you start to play baseball the right way. Clearly illustrated with photographs, you will learn tips on throwing, hitting, catching, running the bases, sliding, playing the outfield and infield. Playing baseball can be easier-and more fun!
  • Weaver On Strategy (Earl Weaver & Terry Pluto; 187 pages)  An every fan’s guide to the inner game of baseball by one of the greatest manager’s of our time. Learn insights into the game as Weaver describes his approach to the game, from the first day of spring training to the final pitch of the World Series.
  • The Winning Hitter (Charley Lau & Alfred Glossbrenner; 191 pages)  Written by one of finest hitting instructors the game has known, this book teaches hitters how to use the whole field, hit the ball wherever it is pitched and, by using a good weight shift, how to hit for home runs. It might be all you will ever need to know about hitting.
  • The Winning Pitcher (Tom House; 137 pages)  Baseball’s top pitchers demonstrate what it takes to be an ace. Over sixteen all-star pitchers share their pearls of wisdom through detailed words and pictorial illustrations.


  • Baseball Ontario:  Arm Care (DVD)
  • Baseball Ontario:  Off-Season Training (DVD)
  • Baseball Ontario:  Training Baseball Athletes (DVD)
  • Jeff Krushell:  Baseball Conditioning (DVD)