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Photos from the 2018 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Season.

UPDATED on March 1, 2019

The Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee is accepting registrations for the 2019 House League Baseball Season.

For the 2019 House League season, we will be accepting registrations for the following age classifications:

Year of Birth and Division

2014 and 2015  Junior Tee Ball

2012 and 2013  >  Senior Tee  Ball

2011  Junior Rookie Ball

2010  >  Senior Rookie Ball

2008 and 2009  >  Mosquito

2006 and 2007  >  Peewee

2004 and 2005 >  Bantam

2001, 2002 and 2003  >  Varsity

Registration Fee

The 2019 registration fee for our Tee Ball and Rookie Ball divisions is $185.00

The 2019 registration fee for our Mosquito, Peewee, Bantam and Varsity divisions is $215.00.

Families registering more than two children in our house league can receive a $25.00 reduction in the registration fee of the third and any additional siblings signing up. Please email us at to receive the discount code if you are in this situation. The code will need to be typed in the appropriate box on the payment page of the on-line registration form.

For more information regarding the days and times that the different age groups play their games and hold their practices, please click on the following link to access the 2019 Divisional Schedule: 2019 TP HOUSE LEAGUE BASEBALL DIVISION SCHEDULE INFORMATION

Please make sure that you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Information Guide following this section before starting the on-line registration process.

Registrants who would prefer not to register on-line are asked to contact us at in order to receive a printable copy of the registration form.

Registration/FAQ Information Guide 

Getting Started
• Please click on the link to the “On-line Registration” form at the bottom of the Registration/FAQ Information Guide to access the on-line registration form.

• If you already have a Goalline Account, then please click “yes” to the “Are You A Returning Player” question and register your player using their name, player access code, and date of birth (yyyy-mm-dd).

• If you do not already have a Goalline Account then you should check “no” to the “Are You A Returning Player” question, and that will take you to the online form.

Player Information
• You will provide information regarding the player (parents with more than one player will need to fill out a separate on-line form for each player…however you can shorten the process somewhat by clicking on the “Register Another Family Member Now” button at the bottom of the “Registration Complete” section).

• You will be able to make ONE teammate request which must be reciprocal (requested by the other player as well).

Parent Information
• To ensure that the parent is the primary account holder you should select “yes” to the “Is Parent/Guardian an account holder?” question, even if you are not currently an account holder…answering “yes” will allow you to create the parent account and manage all of your player accounts going forward.

• You will provide information regarding Parent 1 (mandatory) and, if applicable and desired, Parent 2 (optional).

Programs and Products
• In this section, you will choose the division you wish to register your child for; the Year of Birth/Division chart is at the top of the page for reference.

• Once a division has filled up, there will be a waiting list option for that particular division…if you wish to be on the waiting list for that division you need to choose that option.

You will also have the option of making a donation to our “Help A Player Get In The Game” campaign:

• Contributions to the “Help a Player Get in the Game” campaign will create a pool of money that will be used by the league to pay the registration fee of players interested in participating in our league’s activities whose families require financial assistance in order for them to register. People interested in contributing can choose how many $10.00 increments they would like to donate.

Review and Consent
• You will confirm your player information (including birthdate) and confirm your parent information…to ensure that you are able to retrieve your access code for future use, player and parent 1 birthdates must be entered on the form correctly.

• You will confirm all division registration information for your player and any donation information from your form. Your “Total Due” will be listed under Programs and Products.

• You will need to read the Waiver and accept it by typing your name at the bottom of the page.

• You will read the other policies. • You will read the CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation) message…you MUST check the box below that message in order to receive any information emails from TP Houseleague Baseball;

Payment (Read and follow these steps carefully!)
• You will choose which payment method you are going to use to pay the registration (and donation, if applicable) fee.

• Information will be available regarding how to pay “off-line” by e-transfer, cheque or cash.

• If you wish to pay online by credit card, please click on the appropriate button.

• Make sure you choose Canada (English) in the billing information section.

• Please click the “Close” button on the “Payment Confirmed” page and you will return to our “Registration Complete!” page.

After Completing the Registration Process
• If you wish to register another child from your family, please click on the “Register Another Family Member Now” link at the bottom of the Registration Complete! Section.

• You will receive a confirmation email for the player including information about the next steps.

• You will also receive a parental email which will contain your parent access code for future use along with the player access code.

Online Registration Form Link

Please click on the following link to begin your online registration: Online Registration

If, after reading through the Registration/FAQ Information Guide, you still have questions regarding on-line registration, please contact us at