Waivers, Agreements, and Policies for 2024 TP Baseball Online Registration

Team photos from the 2022 TPBA House League Baseball Season.

Updated on January 22, 2024

Below are links to the waivers, agreements, and policies that you will need to agree and consent to in order to register with Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Association (TPBA) for 2024.

These waivers, agreements and policies are also in the online registration form, but we strongly encourage you to read through them now so you can ask any questions you have with regards to them. You can then move quickly through the online form when completing registration.

The name of the Parent/Guardian (or the Participant if the Participant Is 18 years of age) will need to be entered into the “consent box” four times on the on-line form: once for each of the four documents that are available through the links below.

2024 Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Association Participation Agreement and Guidelines for Participation/Parent Code of Conduct

2024 Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Association Policies

2024 Baseball Ontario Waivers

Concussion Education Awareness Resources (Rowan’s Law) and Baseball Ontario Player Code of Conduct

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@tpbaseball.ca.