Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee

Photos of the Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee Members in action on and off the field of dreams during the 2018 season.

The Toronto Baseball Committee consists of a dedicated group of people from within the community who volunteer their time to work behind the scenes all year long to make the wonderful baseball program that we offer at Christie Pits (and at a variety of other baseball diamonds located at Art Eggleton Park; Bickford Park; Dovercourt Park and Trinity Bellwoods Park) possible.

As a committee, we are always striving to improve the baseball experience and work with the community that surrounds us. We are interested in your concerns, suggestions and questions regarding our House League, Select and Rep baseball programs. Please feel free to contact us at

Left to right: Richard Helfrich; Steve Smith; Bill Evans; Jenny Foster; Mitch Bernard and Jason Lee.

2019 Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee

Steve Smith (Chief Baseball Coordinator)

Bill Evans (President)

Paul Bagnell (Treasurer; Lights On 3 Coordinator)

Jason Lee (Umpiring Coordinator; Website Administrator; Discipline Coordinator & Hiring Coordinator)

Paul Hum (Equipment Coordinator; Social Media and Website Coordinator)

Alex Beauvais (Baseball Skills Instruction Coordinator & Hiring Coordinator)

Carolyn Murphy (Special Events Organizer; Community Liaison; Lights On 3 Coordinator & BBQ Queen)

Jeff Kolyn (Select Convener; Goalline and Online Payment Specialist)

Jenny Foster (Code of Conduct Coordinator; Discipline Coordinator & Hiring Coordinator)

Reagan Maude (Lights On 3 Coordinator; Special Events Coordinator)

Mitch Bernard (Rep Coordinator)

Richard Helfrich (Rep Coordinator)