Peewee Tuesdays: Red Sox Edge Jays 10-9


With the bases loaded and two outs, Caleb (15) of the Red Sox drew a walk to bring in the winning run.

In a see saw battle royale, the Red Sox rallied for two runs in the bottom half of the fourth inning to usurp the Jays 10-9 today at Diamond # 2.

With the bases loaded and two outs, Caleb (15) of the Red Sox worked the count to draw a walk which brought Ben (5) home with the winning run.

With the Jays leading 9-8 heading into the final inning, Tyler (10) of the Red Sox drew a walk and he eventually came in to score the tying run. The Red Sox proceeded to load the bases and with two outs came Caleb’s winning at bat.

Kudos to Mikel (9) of the Red Sox who cooled down the Jays potent offense in the top of the fourth inning by striking out one and allowing no runs. His pitching effort (and a stellar double play by his defense) kept it a one run game and allowed the Red Sox to eventually rally for the win. A special kudos to Ben (5) of the Red Sox for not only his one run pitching effort in the first inning but also his stylized bellyflop slide at home which scored the Red Sox first run of the game.

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