Between The Lines (#4) The TP House League Baseball Philosophy and Rules


Historically, during the course of a long baseball season, parents and players registered in our TP baseball program get confused about the general rules and principles that guide the Toronto Playgrounds House League.

Inevitably, during every season, parents and players ask some of the following questions: Why can they only score four runs….what is this mercy rule? Why can’t they lead off and steal in Mosquito? How come they’re allowed to steal in Peewee? Why can’t they steal in Tee Ball or Rookie Ball? Why can a pitcher only pitch two innings? Why can a catcher only catch three innings? What is the infield fly rule? Why can a batter run on a dropped third strike? etc. etc. etc.

In an effort to ease these perplexities of the game, the TP Baseball Committee is now posting a new page on the website entitled the “TP House League Baseball Philosophy and Rules”. This document details the guiding principles of our house league program and also itemizes the general rules that govern the six different baseball age divisions that we administer (Tee Ball; Rookie Ball; Mosquito; Peewee; Bantam and Midget).

You can find the document by accessing it from the Pages Menu in the sidebar of our website or by clicking the following link:

We hope that you check this resource out at your leisure and find it both educational and illuminating before and during the 2011 TP Baseball Season.

If you have any additional queries regarding our philosophy or rules, please email us at and we’ll be glad to answer them ASAP.