TP UPDATE: Player Evaluations and Spring Training To Commence Soon


We’re busy preparing for another wonderful baseball season and the TP Baseball Committee wishes to alert parents and players that Player Evaluations will commence very soon.

Traditionally, player evaluations take place on a weekend near the end of April. Parents and players will be alerted soon via email or by phone as to the date and time of their evaluation. (If you cannot make your scheduled assessment time, please inform us so we can accomodate you at another date and time.)

Player evaluations are used to determine each player’s skill level. The player information and data gathered at the evaluations will be used by the TP Committee to make each team as balanced and competitive as possible.

Once the teams in our six divisions have been formulated, the TP Baseball Committee will commence Spring Training at the beginning of May. Parents and players will receive an email or phone call from their coach informing them as to what team they will be on and the date and time of their team’s first spring training practice.

These workouts will allow coaches and players to practice together as a team and work on their baseball skills and fundamentals for the long season ahead. Parents will also have an opportunity to get to know their coaches and also bond with their team.

Uniforms will be distributed before the season opens on May 24. Parents and players will be alerted via email or twitter as to the place, dates and times of the uniform distribution. Traditionally, the TP Baseball Committee has scheduled the uniform handout on weekday evenings before the Victoria Day long weekend.

Additionally, the 2011 regular season schedule(s) pertaining to you will be emailed to parents and players as soon as they are finalized in mid May. All the regular season schedules for our six TP House League Baseball divsions (Tee Ball; Rookie Ball; Mosquito; Peewee; Bantam and Midget) will also be posted on our website.

If you have any queries or questions, please email us at and we will gladly respond ASAP.