PEEWEE TUESDAYS: Orioles Edge Red Sox 8-7


DELIVERING THE GOODS From left to right: Connor (12) of the Orioles hit a moon shot and Nicholas (12) of the hit a 2 run double.

In a walking and sleepwalking affair on Diamond # 3 this evening, the Orioles clipped the Red Sox 8-7 in 3 ½ innings.

Sarah (2) of the Red Sox pitched two stellar innings.

The procedings was best described as an ugly type of game. Numerous walks by both teams led to many sleepwalking moments as four baserunners were picked off base (two for each team).

Connor (12) of the Orioles pitched masterfully against a potent Red Sox batting order. With the bases loaded, Connor also hit a highlight reel ‘moon shot’ during the game that brought home the O’s fourth run from third base.

Kudos to Sarah (2) of the Red Sox who pitched two stellar innings and allowed only four runs. Another kudos to Nicholas (12) of the Red Sox for hitting two run double in the first inning.