2011 TP Baseball Awards Presented At Annual General Meeting


From left to right: Casey Irwin (2011 TP Volunteer of the Year) and Sadie Whitfield-Smith (2011 TP Female Participant of the Year).

Before an enthusiastic crowd at the annual TP General Membership meeting in the gym of the Bob Abate Community and Recreation Centre this evening, the Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee announced the winners of its 2011 TP Awards in the categories of Female Participant; Male Participant and Volunteer of the Year.

The Committee presents awards annually to people who embody the spirit and principles of our TP house league baseball program. It gives recognition to Players, Coaches, Umpires and Parents who go beyond the call of duty and volunteer their energy and time to make our baseball program the wonderful experience that it is.

Here are the winners of our 2011 awards:

2011 Female Participant of the Year: Sadie Whitfield-Smith

Sadie, has been part of our house league program for many years. She first played in our tee ball division in the summer of 2002, and has played three years of tee ball, two years of rookie ball, mosquito, and peewee, and now one year of bantam. Over all those years Sadie has been an enthusiastic participant who has always done her best and has looked forward to the chance to spend time with her teammates at games and practices. She has also always been ready and willing to compliment and congratulate someone on the other team for a great play or a good effort. Sadie was also involved in our league as an umpire this past season, and brought a great sense of responsibility and focus to that role while interacting with the players and coaches in an out-going and friendly manner. She was involved in a number of games as an umpire during the end-of-season tournament. Way to go Sadie!

2011 Male Participant of the Year: Vidit Maheshwari

Vidit Maheshwari: 2011 TP Male Participant of the Year.

Vidit has only been involved in our league for three seasons, but his level of enthusiasm, his great personality, and his willingness to help out with anything and everything in any way possible has already made him a fixture in our program. Vidit began umpiring in 2010 and by this past season, only his second as an ump, he had become one of our busiest and best umps. Along with his dedication as an umpire, Vidit could always be counted upon to show up early ready to roll up his sleeves and do whatever needed to be done in order for things to be ready for the players. As a player, Vidit shows the same dedication and is a fantastic teammate, always ready to offer encouragement and support his team. Vidit also has that wonderful feature in a player…he’s always willing to listen to and take advice from his coach. Well done, Vidit…we’re very lucky that you found our league a few years ago!

2011 Volunteer of the Year: Casey Irwin

Casey has been involved in our house league program since 1998, when his oldest son Casey Jr. started playing. Since then Casey has coached for us in every age division (several times) as Casey Jr., Rebecca, and Bridget enjoyed their baseball careers. Casey’s son Tyler is still involved as a player in our program, and this past season Casey coachedTylerin both house league and the peewee select program. Casey has been actively involved as a head coach in our select program since 200_. Casey has not only coached many years and many teams, but he has always poured more information and strategy into his coaching than anyone else we can think of. If someone has been lucky enough to be coached by Casey, then they have really been thoroughly coached! Thanks a lot Casey for everything you’ve put into our league, and we look forward to more in the future!

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