PEEWEE > Royals Clip Orioles 6-5 To Win Peewee Division Championship


ROYAL CELEBRATION > After Royals right fielder Xavier’s Gold Glove catch to end the game, Royals players, coaches and parents converge in right field at Christie Pits Diamond 2 to celebrate their Peewee Division Championship victory on Thursday, September 12, 2013.

Under the lights on a cool evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2, the Royals edged the Orioles 6-5 in an exhilarating six innings to win the 2013 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Peewee Division Championship Game.


The Royals take receipt of the TP Baseball Peewee Division Championship Trophy at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

This game had it all. Strong pitching. Clutch hitting. Solid defense. A gutsy call. Fantastic baseball on the grandest scale. It was a riveting final played by two very talented and well versed teams right from the opening pitch to the final out.

Playing a sound all around game, the Royals used their pitching and defense to stymie the potent O’s offense throughout most of the proceedings. Meanwhile, the Royals offense successfully capitalized on the opportunities that arose to construct a 6-4 lead through 5 ½ innings of play.

Trailing by two, the gallant and pesky Orioles refused to cede anything to the Royals as they initiated a determined rally attempt in the bottom of the sixth. After a grace under pressure lead off single by ‘Iceman’ Michael (3), ‘J-Roc’ Jamie (2) delivered a clutch RBI double to bring the Iceman home and trim the deficit to one.

After J-Roc had stolen a pair of bases to reach third, ‘Ribeye’ Eric (13) bolted out of the batter’s box towards first on a dropped third strike. As Royals catcher Thomas (11) threw the ball to first to retire the Iceman and record the first out, J-Roc blazed home with the potential tying run.

Charley (5) delivered a 2 RBI sacrifice hit in the fourth that brought home the Royals winning run over the Orioles.

Although J-Roc beat the throw back to the catcher from first, the home plate umpire made a judgement call that ruled him out for not sliding into home.

With two outs and their backs to the wall, ‘Gouda’ Simon (14) stepped into the batter’s box and launched a majestic deep fly ball to the dimly lit nether recesses of right field to fan the flickering O’s hopes.

With the ball descending quickly from the night sky before him and the game on the line, Royals right fielder Xavier (4) seized the day as he lifted the glove above his head and snared the baseball in the shoestring webbing of his mitt to record the Gold Glove final out of the game near the right field fence.

At this juncture, Royals players, coaches, and parents spilled out into right field to celebrate their amazing championship victory.

Playing a stellar all around game throughout the tournament, the Royals successful championship run was predicated upon contributions from each and every player on the team. Their triumph was a total team victory in the purest measure where each player stepped up and did what was necessary to put the team first and foremost.

Here are the highlights:

  • The Royals jumped out the gates in the top of the first with a 3-0 lead. A series of Orioles fielding lapses allowed Lucas (6), Xavier (4) and Tyler (7) to come home to roost.
  • Xavier (4) holds up the glove that he used to save the day for the Royals in the sixth inning.

    In the bottom of the first, the O’s rallied with a run to trim the deficit to two. With one out and an Oriole on base, Gouda stroked a RBI sacrifice hit to bring J-Roc home.

  • Royals starter Tyler (7) subdued the Orioles insurgency in the first with a two strikeout effort.
  • Orioles reliever Gouda shell fished three Royals on three strikeouts in the top of the second to keep them off the scoring ledger.
  • With some solid D behind him, Royals reliever Thomas quelled an Orioles uprising in the bottom of the second to keep them off the scoreboard. First baseman Jacob (3) caught a HOT TAMALE line drive off the bat of ‘B-Sizzle’ Brian (12) for the third out.
  • Royals centre fielder Charley (5) and third baseman Adam (9) connected on an all-star 8-5 putout in the second. With ‘Matrix’ Ben (6) trying to stretch a lead off double into a triple, Charley collected the ball and made a cannon of a throw to Adam, who applied the tag on the wayfaring Orioles base runner.
  • ‘Professor’ Sacha (5) of the Orioles mowed down three in 1-2-3 fashion with three K’s to keep the Royals off the scoring abacus in the top of the third.
  • Thomas tossed another strong inning of relief in the bottom of the third to keep the O’s offense caged up.
  • Royals left fielder Adam made a super catch in the third when he caught a deep hit fly ball off ‘Spitz’ Lukas (10) to rob him of a sure extra bases hit.
  • Royals second baseman Mary (13) combined with first baseman Xavier on a nice 4-3 putout in the third.
  • The Royals scored three in the top of the fourth to widen their advantage to 6-1. With the bases loaded, Thomas worked a one out RBI walk to score Tyler. Charley followed with a two RBI sacrifice that brought Arlo (8) and Jacob home.
  • In the bottom of the fourth, the O’s answered back with three to trim the deficit to two. With a pair of Orioles on base, Gouda delivered a two RBI double to bring home J-Roc and Ribeye. Later, a B-Sizzle rbi single would plate the Gouda.
  • Gouda of the O’s struck out three in the top of the fifth to keep the Royals off the scorepad.
  • With some help, Royals reliever Charley kept the O’s off the ledger in the bottom of the fifth.
  • Royals shortstop Arlo (8) made a nice grab on a SIZZLING line drive in the fifth to record the first out.
  • In the fifth, Royals first baseman Xavier made a laser throw to third baseman Adam to turn a nifty 3-5 putout on an Orioles base runner attempting to steal third.
  • The Professor struck out a pair to douse the Royals threat in the top of the sixth.

The TP Baseball Committee wishes to commend Orioles coaches Lowell Heppner, Malcolm Johnston, Rob Ball,  David Lam,  and all the Orioles players on a great season.

The Committee wishes to congratulate Royals coaches Peter Roy, Andrew Parker, Brian Herman for guiding this talented group of Royals players to such great heights of achievement in 2013. Way to go, Royals!