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Pictures from the 2014 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Season.

Pictures from the 2014 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Season.

Celebration Day for the players in our Toronto Playgrounds House League Tee Ball Division is only days away.

A special day where all twelve of our Tee Ball teams play their final games of the 2014 season and celebrate a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious spring and summer of baseball in grand fashion.

Parents and Players are advised that the Tee Ball Celebration Day event will take place on Saturday, August 9 at Christie Pits.

Here is the 2014 Tee Ball Celebration Day Schedule for Saturday, August 9:

  • Christie Pits Diamond # 3 > 9:30 a.m.:  Owls at Condors
  • Christie Pits Diamond # 2 > 9:30 a.m.:  Ravens at Falcons
  • Christie Pits Diamond # 3 > 10:30 a.m.Eagles at Hawks
  • Christie Pits Diamond # 2 > 10:30 a.m.Loons at Pelicans
  • Christie Pits Diamond # 3 > 11:30 a.m.:  Cranes at Herons
  • Christie Pits Diamond # 2 > 11:30 a.m.:  Chickadees at Puffins

Please note, as indicated in the Celebration Day schedule, that the games are taking place at Christie Pits and not in Bickford Park. Diamond 3 is the smaller one beside the outdoor pool and Diamond 2 is the one a little further north at the bottom of the hill that goes up to Barton Ave.

Parents are advised that Players should arrive 15 or 20 minutes before their scheduled game time so that the team’s line-ups can be organized.

The TP Baseball Committee is also hoping to have P.A. systems in place at both diamonds for the purpose of announcing the players names as they come up to bat.

Players will be presented with their trophies on the infield after their game. The teams will then gather somewhere off the field so that the individual and team photos can be handed out.

Teams will eat after their games…the lunch order will be organized by the coach and any willing parent volunteers while the photos are being handed out. There will also be food and drinks for sale for attendees to our Tee Ball Celebration Day event.

We are asking that one or two people from each team come to the BBQ and place a team order in terms of how many meat hot dogs and how many veggie hot dogs are needed…if all of the players and family members descend on the BBQ it is much too chaotic. Those one or two people will be given trays to take back to the team containing the hot dogs, juice boxes and chips.

Tee Ball Parents and Players are advised that photos and trophies that aren’t picked up on the Celebration Day will be made available for pick up later in the month. The Committee will send out an e-mail, tweet and website posting confirming the date, time, and location after Celebration Day.

Additionally, the Committee has made arrangements for our photographer to be at Christie Pits from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon on the morning of the Tee Ball Celebration Day to take individual photos of players who weren’t able to attend our Photo Day back in June. These pictures obviously won’t be ready to take on Saturday, but players having their picture taken will be given a folder with a team photo and a space for the individual photo which we will get to them once they are available.

Also, if you’re be available to help out with the barbecuing or organizing of the team lunches on Tee Ball Celebration Day, please let us know at tpbaseball@gmail.com.