MOSQUITO > Mariners Edge Angels 13-12


Jordan (12) powered the Mariners attack with 5 RBI's against the Angels.

Jordan (12) powered the Mariners attack with 5 RBI’s against the Angels.

Game Summary edited with files from Don Christie and Roe Sivanandan

Under the twilight of a warm summer night, the Mariners edged the Angels 13-12 in four innings of Mosquito Division action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

Here is a Mariners account of the proceedings:

  • With the Mariners hosting the Angels under the lights, it was one of those nights – warm, humid, perfectly still and quiet. A really nice summer night.
  • Trailing 12-8, the Mariners rallied for after five runs in the bottom of the fourth to win their first game of the season.
  • Jordan (12) powered the Mariners attack with 5 RBI’s.
  • Grayson (11) kept the Angels defense on their toes by stealing five bases.
  • Mariners reliever Sam (2) threw thirteen pitches to ring up three strikeouts in the top of the fourth.
  • Sportsmanship note: With both teams having just eight position players, the Angels and Mariners shared an outfielder all through the night.
  • The umpires who officiated the game were great tonight. They were loud and clear. During the proceeding, the home plate umpire got hit high on the leg by a pitch from a M’s reliever. The sting from the pitch knocked him down, but the umpire kept his head in it and lost no volume calling strikes, so kudos.
  • Thanks to David Manning for chronicling the Mariners team highlights during the game!!!

Here is an Angels log of the game:

  • On a hot summer evening at Christie Pits, the game between the Angels and Mariners was a fun filled game that went four innings with the M’s edging the Halos 13-12 in the bottom of the fourth inning.
  • The Angels threw four of their pitchers (Dante, Jonas, James, and Rorden) at the Mariners batting order with Halos starter Dante striking out the side in 1-2-3 fashion in the top of the first inning to help Angels maintain an early 4-0 lead. Angels relievers Jonas, James, and Rorden contributed nice innings to the cause.
  • With a depleted roster of eight Angels on deck for the game, Xavier, a solid player from the Rays, was added to the lineup along with some borrowed Mariners who put up some solid hits and runs.
  • A big double by Rorden scored two runs; a single and a double by Lucky scored multiple runs; and a single over the second baseman by Nikhil scored two runs.