PEEWEE > Lizzies Edge Expos 13-12


With the game tied 12-12 and the bases loaded, Raymond's (14) Raymond's "walk off walk" in the fourth inning brought home the Lizzies winning run over the Expos at Dovercourt Park.

With the game tied 12-12 and the bases loaded, Raymond’s (14) “walk off (RBI) walk” in the fourth inning brought home the Lizzies winning run over the Expos at Dovercourt Park.

Game Summary edited with files from Steve Yacht and Andrew Larsen

Beneath warm tranquil skies on a wondrous summer night, the Lizzies edged the Expos 13-12 in four wild innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Dovercourt Park.

Here is a Lizzies log of the proceedings:

  • A thin Lizzies lineup hosted the Expos at Dovercourt Park this week.
  • Eight players took the field in the top of the first with Lizzies starter Zenon (9) on the mound. Both Zenon and Raymond (14) recovered grounders for outs followed by a strikeout to end the inning, holding the ‘Spos to one.
  • The Lizzies were grand theft larcenous on the basepaths in the bottom of the first when they brazenly stole ten bases in total. Taio (8), Zenon and Jamie (13) each stole home and racked up three runs.
  • In reply, the Expos came back with four quick runs in the top of the second.
  • But the Lizzies kept on rolling with two more runs in the bottom of the second. Elayna (11) walked and stole second. Zenon advanced a runner to third, followed by a couple more opportune walks.
  • The top of the third saw Lizzies reliever Jamie come out firing, racking up a strikeout and supported by a pick off at home by Raymond. However, the pesky Expos fought back with four runs in the inning.
  • Jona (6) opened the bottom of the third with a walk and two stolen bases. K.J., playing two divisions up, singled for a RBI and stole second and third. Zenon batted in KJ and Taio tripped up for a triple on a rocket that looked like a near homer for the Lizzies catcher. The Lizzies racked up four runs in the inning to tie the game 9-9.
  • The top of the fourth inning saw Lizzies starter Zenon take down the first batter swinging. Jona picked off a runner at home with a great tag by Jamie. Zenon then struck out the final batter, holding the Expos to three runs.
  • The Lizzies finished the game with a series of walks including Raymond’s “walk off walk” for a 13-12 final score in favour of the home team.

Here is an Expos account of the proceedings:

  • It was a perfect night for baseball as the Lizzies met the Expos under the lights at Dovercourt Park.
  • There was plenty of solid hitting for the Expos. Taras (11) got a massive hit and stretched a solid triple into a home run with some heads-up baserunning. Cameron (5) got a double. Jonathon (3) got a single and a double. Vince (0) [a call-up from Mosquito], Juan (13) and Charlie (7) all got singles.
  • The Expos were also hungry on the basepaths. Matthew (15) was among those who was able to steal multiple bases.
  • Taras (11), Charlie (7), Andy (1) and Vince pitched for the Expos.
  • Defensively, Vince made a stellar play by catching a line drive and then doubling off a Lizzies baserunner who had strayed too far off second base. Taras (11) caught a soaring flyball that made it all look so easy.
  • And the final score? It almost seemed an afterthought. The Lizzies squeaked out a victory in the bottom of the fourth inning to win it 13-12.
  • The Expos are looking forward to having Gus (6) make his pitching debut in next week’s affair versus the Giants at Dovercourt Park.
  • And the Expos were also fortunate enough to have Coach Geoff step up to the plate and pinch hit for Coach Bill.