MOSQUITO > Royals Edge Lizzies 11-10


SONY DSCGame Summary edited with file from Steve Yacht

Beneath a blanket of warm summer skies, the Royals prevailed 11-10 over the Lizzies in four innings of Mosquito Division action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

Here is a Lizzies account of the proceedings:

  • The Lizzies took on the Royals at Christie Pits this week.
  • The first inning was a defensive duel with no runs scoring for either side, though Jeremy (3) singled in the inning. Mason (4) wowed the crowd in his Lizzies pitching debut with three straight strikeouts, showing the promise of great things to come from the young upstart.
  • The Lizzies were held scoreless in the second as well, though newcomers Luke (10) and Thomas (23) managed to get on base and rack up a couple steals.
  • The Royals opened things up in the bottom of the second with four runs.
  • Things got a little more exciting for the Lizzies in the top of the third. Jeremy, Dash (18) and Mason each got on base. Mason hit a sweet RBI single to bring home the Lizzies’ first run.
  • Dash flashed the leather for the Lizzies in the bottom of the third by catching a pop fly at the catcher position. But the Royals managed four more runs to put the Lizzies into a deep hole heading for the final inning.
  • Down 8-1, the Lizzies went to work in the top of the fourth, with Thomas taking a walk and then stealing second, third and home. Arman (1) also grabbed two stolen bases as did new team member Matt (4). Kaden (9) took a bases loaded walk for an RBI, and before you knew it, the Lizzies had racked up nine runs in the inning during their rally to take a 10-8 lead.
  • Not to be outdone, the Royals came back with some offense of their own in the bottom of the fourth as they rallied for three to take the game 11-10.