PEEWEE > Dodgers Top Mets 11-8


SONY DSCGame Summary edited with files from Jeff Kolyn and Terry Brown

Beneath the twilight on a serene summer night, the Dodgers defeated the Mets 11-8 in  four innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Dovercourt Park.

Here is a Dodgers account of the proceedings:

  • In the top of the first, the Dodgers stake themselves to an early 4-0 lead. Elliott (13) gets on base with a hit and steals second. Nick (15) gets a smash single and also steals a base. Lucas (2) singles, and steals second. Josh (3) then hits into a fielders choice for the RBI. Wahid (9) has a RBI single. Aaron (5) has an RBI triple, and then a steal of home.

  • In his Peewee Division regular season debut, Dodgers starter Pierro (14) gives up only two runs in the bottom of the first. The Dodgers D nails two Mets base runners trying to steal, including a great diving play at home by Leo (1).

  • Pierro is the only Dodgers player to reach base in the top of the second. Pierro gets a hit and two stolen bases.

  • Dodgers reliever Elliott (13) pitched for the first time in over a month in the bottom of the second. Elliot only gives up two runs, and the Dodgers behind him get a pop out, and two force outs as the Mets tie it up 4-4.

  • Jeremy (4) leads off the top of the third with a walk and stolen base. Nick, gets a hit to center, and steals second base. Lucas grounds to short for a fielders choice and RBI. After Lucas steals second base, Josh walks. But that is all the Dodgers can muster as they retake the lead 5-4.

  • In the bottom of the third, Dodgers reliever Lucas (2) manages to get two strikeouts, and a pop-up, while giving up only allowing three runs as the Mets retake the lead 7-5.

  • With rally caps on, Aaron leads off the top of the fourth with a single and two steals. Leo gets a single and eventually steals all the way around to score. Cooper (7) walked, and stole two bags. Pierro walks and steals a base.  Joseph (10) smashes an RBI single and also eventually steals himself home. After hitting a clutch single down the third base line for an RBI, Jeremy will eventually steal two bases. Elliott walks and steals a base, and Nick mashes a ball that would have been a triple if not for Jeremy scoring the final run already.

  • Dodgers closer Aaron (5) rings up three strikeouts on the Mets in the bottom of the fourth as he seals the deal on the game by giving up only one run.

Here is a Mets log of the game:

  • Mets lead off hitter James (9) walked in all three plate appearances. The first two times he scored on steals of home — his signature play. The third time, he walked with the bases loaded to garner an RBI. James has reached base his last seven times at the plate. In his inning on the mound, he picked off a runner at third and did not issue a walk.
  • Teddy (12) walked twice and popped out to the pitcher. He has walked or put the ball in play his last 11 plate appearances, not striking out since July 11. Ted also tagged out a runner at third.
  • Roland (11) walked twice, scored a run, and drove in another on a fielder’s choice.
  • In the first inning, Isaac (4) hit a single and stole home. He also started a fine defensive play behind Jade, described below.
  • Leandro (10) reached base twice on free passes, scoring once. He also threw a shutout inning in the second, striking out three batters around a single (he also struck out three in his previous mound appearance).
  • Jack (1) drew two walks and scored a run.
  • Emilia (5) also walked twice and scored once on a stand-up steal of home. Emilia has reached base in 11 consecutive plate appearances.
  • Jade (6), pitching for only the second time this season, had an exemplary inning. She fielded a pop up for the first out. On the next play, shortstop Isaac fielded a grounder and tossed it to Ted at third base, who applied the tag to erase a lead-off walk. Two batters later, Jade ended the inning with a strikeout.
  • Petra (3) returned to the batter’s box after a brief spell of dizziness and performed very well. She led off the second with a walk and proceeded to steal her way to third base, eventually scoring on a ground ball out. In the third, Petra drew a bases-loaded walk that scored Leandro.
  • Thomas (7), himself returning from a long absence, made good contact in his first at bat since July 11, flying out well past first base. Thomas also showed good presence of mind in the outfield, backing up some errant throws from the infield and thereby preventing several runners from advancing.
  • Mets batters walked a remarkable 15 times but the Dodgers played excellent defence, erasing several runners as they tried to advance.