MOSQUITO > Lizzies Upend Royals 7-6


Lizzies reliever Dash (8) pitched a scoreless second inning by striking out two Royals.

Lizzies reliever Dash (8) pitched a scoreless second inning by striking out one Royal.

Game Summary edited with file from Steve Yacht

Beneath a canopy of cool and serene summer skies, the Lizzies edged the Royals 7-6 in four innings of Mosquito Division action this evening at Trinity-Bellwoods Park Diamond 2.

Here is a Lizzies account of the proceedings:

  • On a beautiful first day of September, the Lizzies took on the Royals in their Mosquito Division regular season finale at Trinity-Bellwoods Park.
  • The Lizzies marked the occasion by debuting their new starting pitcher Arman (1), who opened the first inning with a lightning fastball for a strike. Arman continued to show great command and spirit on the mound throughout the inning and the Lizzies hope to see more from this young star.
  • The Lizzies were unable to get their bats going in the bottom of the inning, producing only a walk by Dash (8) and were kept scoreless.
  • Lizzies reliever Dash (8) took the mound in the top of the second, catching an infield pop and racking up a strikeout to keep the Royals at bay with a scoreless inning as well.
  • In the bottom of the second, the Lizzies got rolling with a couple patient at bats leading to walks by Owen (15) and Jeremy (3). KJ (2) then cracked a double, bringing in both runners and stealing third to boot.
  • The Royals came back with a vengeance in the top of the third scoring a quick four runs and the Lizzies were unable to respond in the bottom of the inning.
  • However, the top of the fourth saw Lizzies reliever KJ (2) return after a long absence away from the diamond. KJ held the Royals down, striking out his first batter and recovering a grounder for an out at first. Kaden (9) showed great support in the field by gunning down a Royals base runner at first for the third out.
  • The Lizzies really got things going in the bottom of the fourth as Thomas (7) walked and stole two bases. Jeremy was hit and made the most of it with three stolen bases himself. The Lizzies scored three more on a passed ball and managed a great comeback win to cap the season. Final score Lizzies 7 – Royals 6.