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The TP Mosquito Selects taking in the action from their dugout at the 2016 SOBA Provincial Championship Tournament in Dorchester, Ontario.

The TP Mosquito Selects taking in the action from their dugout at the 2016 SOBA Provincial Championship Tournament in Dorchester, Ontario.  [Photo courtesy of Marco Bianchi]

Tournament Summary edited with file from Marco Bianchi. Photo courtesy of Marco Bianchi.

Our Toronto Playgrounds Mosquito Selects have advanced to the semi-final round of the 2016 Select Ontario Baseball Association (SOBA) Championship Tournament in Dorchester, Ontario.

Here is a summary of the proceedings:

  • On Friday night, TP opened the provincial tourney at Dorchester Diamond 2 by playing against a very strong Mississauga Majors team, who burst out to a 5-0 lead before the TP pitching settled in and allowed us to tie the game 6-6 heading into the sixth. However, the Majors struck for three more and TP was unable to get the runs back over the last two frames.

  • This scenario brought TP into Saturday, lined up to play three games in order to advance to the championship round, or final four of the Provincial Finals.

  • TP rebounded with a Saturday victory against the St. Thomas Cardinals, where the TP pitching brigade of Cooper S (2), Ezra (14) and Cassius (5) combined to allow one run over seven innings while the TP offense patiently built up a lead of nine runs over the course of the game. When the dust finally settled, TP had eliminated St. Thomas by a score of 10-1 at Dorchester Diamond 4.

  • Up next for TP was a match-up versus the Dorchester Diamondbacks [the hosts of the provincial tourney] in another elimination game. TP put up seven quick runs over the first two innings and wound up leading 10-0 by the fifth. Cooper S (2) and Solly (27) combined to throw a one hit shutout and eliminate the D-Backs 10-0 at Dorchester Diamond 2 to win their second game.

  • Lastly, TP faced the Clarington Colts, who had earlier in the day eliminated a tough team from North Bay to reach the Top 6. TP pitchers Charlie (7) and Jordan (10) combined to limit the Clarington batting order to one run over five innings as TP threatened to win by mercy in both the fourth and fifth innings before finally making the last out and eliminating the Colts 11-1 at Dorchester Diamond 2.

  • Throughout the provincial tournament, the star has been the exceptional team defence making highlight reel plays: such as a liner to centre field, with the bases loaded, which was caught and thrown to third on a frozen rope to double off a runner who strayed too far. In another instance, a runner strayed too far from third with the bases loaded and TP perfectly executed a 2-1-6-2-5 play to record the put-out and end the threat. Lastly, Cooper M (42) excellently backed up an overthrow from across the diamond from his position in right field and threw a laser to second to nab the runner trying to take an extra base. All these plays were made early in the game when the scores were still close and swung the momentum in TP’s favour and demoralize the opponents rally (and spirit).

  • On the offensive side, TP players are making excellent contact and terrorizing the opposing defense with an elite running game. Toronto Playgrounds may not get the big hits, but TP does move their runners into scoring position and cash them in through contact.

  • In a Sunday morning semi-final, TP is matched up against the Ivy Leafs. TP had lost 12-10 to Ivy in the Muskoka Tournament back in July, and so far this tournament, the Leafs are undefeated.

  • It will be tough road ahead for TP as they face the other best three teams Ontario has to offer in the provincial championship round, but everyone at the tournament is having an excellent time and the team celebrated their run to the championship round with a pizza and pool party on Saturday night.

The TP Mosquito Selects journey at the provincial tourney continues with a Sunday (September 4) morning SOBA provincial semi-final round game against the Ivy Leafs at Dorchester Diamond 1 [10:00 a.m. start time]. Mississauga will face off against West Hill in the other semi-final matchup.

Additional updates to follow as they become available.