MOSQUITO > Mariners Top Royals 10-2


Royals skipper Rebecca Wells-Jopling holds a postgame meeting with her players after their Tuesday Mosquito Division game versus the Mariners at McCormick Park. [Photo courtesy of Payam Pakravan]

Beneath a blanket of cool and overcast skies, the Mariners prevailed 10-2 over the Royals in four innings of Tuesday Mosquito Division action this evening at McCormick Park.

Here is a Royals recap of the proceedings courtesy of Payam Pakravan:

  • The Royals got off to a good start in the top of the first inning. After drawing a walk, # 14 of the Royals stole second and third, and came barrelling home on bunt single from Daniel (11). With the bases loaded (and with encouragement and lots of advice from Maxi (6), the Royals weren’t able to cash in their chips and left the bases stranded. 
  • In the bottom half of the first, Royals starter Maxi (6) pitched well and struck out the side.
  • The Mariners began to take a lead in the subsequent innings despite the best efforts of Royals relievers Cleo (0) and Arman (#5), who pitched respectively in the second and third frames. While they both struggled with some pitching control, they showed glimpses of promise, with Cleo perfecting the art of the “looping strike” and Arman landing a few strikes. They were picked up by Liam (13) and Daniel (11) respectively.
  • After drawing a walk and stealing second and third? in the top of the third, Daniel capped it off with a brazen grand theft of home. 
  • In the top of the fourth, Sophia (00) showed a keen eye at the plate and worked the count full against a tough Mariners reliever. However, she eventually got called out on a tough third strike. 
  • With the Mariners were well ahead in the bottom of the fourth, Jesse (7) of the Royals continued to play hard as he made a great overhead catch to end the game. 
  • Royals Head Coach Rebecca Wells-Jopling rallied the troops at the end of a fun game.