BANTAM > Crawfords Top Lizzies 7-3


RUNDOWN > Crawfords reliever Isaac (1) [right] reaches over to tag out Han (2) of the Lizzies to complete a 2-5-1 rundown play in the fourth inning during a Bantam Division game at Dominico Field at Christie Pits.

Beneath a blanket of sunny and breezy summer skies, the Crawfords defeated the Lizzies 7-3 in 4 ½ innings of Bantam Division action this afternoon at Dominico Field at Christie Pits.

Lizzies starter Cormac (9) would pitch a scoreless first where he struck out two Crawfords.

The proceeding was a fun and entertaining affair that was contested by two talented squads. In the end, the gritty Crawfords made the most of their opportunities to prevail for the victory over the pesky Lizzies.

In the top of the first, the Lizzies jumped out to an early 2-0 lead. Following a leadoff walk and stolen base by Michael (4), Solomon (1) delivered a one out RBI single to bring him home with the opening run of the game.

Subsequently, after advancing to third on a ground ball out and a stolen base, Solomon would motor home on a wild pitch.

Crawfords starter Isaac (1) would quell the Lizzies insurgency in the first on a series of groundouts.

With 1-2-3 efficiency, Lizzies starter Cormac (9) would retire the Crawfords in the bottom of the first on a groundout and a pair of strikeouts.

Taking advantage of an error, Michael (4) would come home and beat the tag attempt of Crawfords catcher Thomas (9) to give the Lizzies a 3-2 lead in the third inning.

Crawfords reliever Jordan (11) would keep the Lizzies off the scoring ledger in the top of the second on a fly out and a pair of 6-4 groundouts.

The Crawfords would score a pair in the bottom of the second to deadlock the proceedings 2-2. After a leadoff walk by Roland (2), Isaac would single to put two mallards on the lake. Thomas (9) would follow with a RBI single to bring Roland home and trim the deficit to one.

At this juncture, the Lizzies defence would turn in pair of defensive gems to stymie the Crawfords. With no outs and Crawfords baserunners at third and second, a pitch from Lizzies reliever Han (2) would hit the dirt in front of the plate and bounce away from catcher Cormac. With Isaac bolting homeward from third, Cormac retrieved the ball and made a quick throw to Han, who tagged out a sliding Isaac for the chitty, chitty, bang, bang 2-1 putout.

Following a one out walk by Jasper (6), Thomas would wander astray from third in a bid to steal home. However, Lizzies catcher Cormac would run Thomas down and tag him out for the second out of the frame.

Pouncing upon a wild pitch, Leo (8) of the Crawfords slides home to tie the game 3-3 in the bottom of the third.

After Jasper moved to third on a stolen base and an error, Nicholas (15) delivered him home with a clutch two out RBI single to tie the game.

With two outs and a baserunner on board, Lizzies reliever Han would chalk up a 1-3 ground out to bring the curtain down on the second inning.

In the top of the third, the Lizzies would reply with a run to retake the lead 3-2. Following a one out walk, Michael would steal his way to third base. On his theft of third, the Crawfords would commit a faux pas that allowed Michael to bolt home with the go ahead run. 

Crawfords reliever Iliana (3) would ring up a strike out and a ground out in the third to subdue the Lizzies rebellion.

The highlight of the inning was made by Crawfords shortstop Nicholas, who snagged a hot tamale line drive shot off the bat of Maggie (11) to tally the third out of the frame.

As the Lizzies scurry to retrieve a passed ball, Flynn (7) come home to give the Crawfords a 4-3 lead in the third.

Exercising patience at the dish, the Crawfords would parlay four walks into three runs in the bottom of the third to regain the lead 5-3. With one out, Leo (8) and Flynn (7) would garner back to back walks to put two ducks on the pond. Subsequently, with Crawfords at third and second, the Lizzies would uncork a wild pitch that allowed Flynn to move to third and Leo to blaze home with the tying run.

Following a walk to Jordan, Flynn would take advantage of a passed ball to motor home with the go ahead run. After advancing to third, Jordan would steal home.

Lizzies reliever Solomon (1) would strike out three in the third to extinguish the Crawfords insurrection.

Crawfords reliever Isaac (1) would ring up a strikeout and a ground out in the top of the fourth to retire the Lizzies in 1-2-3 fashion to keep them off the scoresheet.

During the inning, Isaac would help out his own cause on a sweet defensive gem with his teammates. After earning a one out walk, Han (2) would make it to third on a wild pitch and stolen base. Subsequently, Han would wander afar from third base and be caught in a rundown where Crawfords catcher Thomas combined with third baseman Roland and pitcher Isaac on a 2-5-1 putout.

Crawfords reliever Jordan (11) would close out the victory with a 1-2-3 inning in the fifth. Jordan would pitch two scoreless innings against the potent Lizzies batting order.

The Crawfords would add a pair of insurance runs in the bottom of the fourth to extend their lead to 7-3. Following a leadoff walk and stolen base by Isaac, Thomas would single to put two swans on the lake. After Thomas stole second to put runners at third and second, the Lizzies would uncork a wild pitch that allowed Thomas to go to third and Isaac to come home to roost. A Lizzies faux pas on the play would allow Thomas to come home to crow,

Lizzies reliever Solomon would strike out three in the fourth to douse the Crawfords mutiny.

In 1-2-3 style, Crawfords reliever Jordan would chalk up a pair of groundouts and a line out in the top of the fifth to seal the deal on the victory.