PEEWEE > Dodgers Top Cubs 8-5


With a shorthanded bench, Cubs reliever Matthew (9) was pressed into service twice to subdue Dodgers insurgencies in the second and third innings at the Bickford Park South Diamond.

Beneath a layer of warm and serene skies, the Dodgers defeated the Cubs in three innings of Peewee Division action this evening at the Bickford Park South Diamond.

Here is a Cubs recap of the proceedings courtesy of Kevin Lawrie

  • Expecting a roster of eleven, the Cubs had to play the game shorthanded with only eight players available on the bench.
  • Cubs starter Joey (6) shut down the Dodgers in the top of the first. and
  • Raffi’s (11) RBI single in the bottom half of the first gave the Cubs an 1-0 lead.
  • The Cubs early lead was short lived, however, as an injury forced starter Joey from the pitching mound in the top of the second.
  • As a result, reliever Xavier (8) entered the fray for his Cubs pitching debut.
  • When that didn’t work out, reliever Matthew (9) was pressed into service to quell the Dodgers insurgency.
  • After the dust had finally settled, the artful Dodgers led 4-1 after two innings.
  • The Dodgers would score four more, mostly off reliever Marshall (3), who was making his Cubs pitching debut in the top of the third. Marshall was then relieved by Matt.
  • Multiple mound conferences and confusion made for a disorganized Cubs approach to the game.
  • With no Select players in attendance for the darling Cubbies, Raffi thankfully caught all three innings, even though he was scheduled to pitch – and did a heckuva job!
  • Refusing to wave the white flag, the Cubs gamely rallied in the bottom of the third to trim the deficit to three.
  • However, a Dodgers double play in the third (a putout play at second base  and an automatically called out at the plate when a Cubbies base runner didn’t slide) quashed the Cubs comeback bid and brought the curtain down on an 8-5 win for the Artful Dodgers.