MOSQUITO > Rays Top Angels 9-6


Nikhil (1) powered the Rays attack with a grand slam home blast in the second inning against the Angels at the Bickford Park South Diamond.

Beneath a ceiling of mild summer skies, the Rays defeated the Angels 9-6 in four grand slam innings of Mosquito Division action this evening at the Bickford Park South Diamond.

Here is a Rays recap of the proceedings courtesy of Roe Sivanandan:

  • On a mild Thursday evening, the Rays hosted the Angels at Bickford Park for one of the most exciting and fun games of the Mosquito Division regular season.
  • The Rays Nikhil (1) hit a grand slam in the bottom of the second inning that saw the ball fly deep over the Angels right fielder.
  • Not to be outdone, the Halos also hit a grand slam in the top of the fourth that saw the ball fly over the Rays left-fielder. Two grand slams in one game!!
  • Up to that the point, in the top of the fourth, Rays pitchers Charlie C. (11), Finn (14), and Sebastian (2)) were solid, giving up just one run over three innings of play.
  • Pitching for only the second time this season, Sebastian threw a gem of an inning where he surrendered just one run.
  • The game saw the two most remarkable defensive plays of the season…both coming from Marshall (15) of the Rays. In the first defensive gem, Marshall ran down a fly ball hit into centre field from his position in left field and made a remarkable catch on the run in front of the centre fielder Nikhil, who was just coming into position to attempt to make the play. Subsequently, as the Rays reliever in the fourth inning, Marshall made his second big play with an amazing cat-like reflex diving catch to his right side on a hard hit ball to the gap between first and second that surely would have been a single or a double.
  • Rays got hits from Charlie C. (11) [a double], Liam (7) [two singles], Jonas (13) [two singles], Nikhil (1) [a single and a grand slam home run], Marshall (15) [a single], and Sebastian (2) [a single] to score nine runs.
  • The final score: Rays 9 Angels 6. What an amazing game!!!