BANTAM > Homesteads Top Crawfords 12-7 to Win 2017 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Bantam Division Championship


Juan (13) delivers a two RBI double in the fifth inning to give the Homesteads a 7-0 lead over the Crawfords during their 2017 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Championship Game at Dominico Field at Christie Pits. Subsequently, after stealing third, Juan would come homeward on a wild pitch to score the Homesteads eventual winning run.

Homesteads catcher Judah (5) tags out Isaac (1) of the Crawfords to thwart his bid to come home in the third inning.

Beneath the tranquil darkness of a warm mid September night, the Homesteads defeated the Crawfords 12-7 in six innings of Bantam Division Championship Game action this evening at Dominico Field at Christie Pits.

The proceeding was an entertaining affair that was contested between two talented and well coached teams. In the end, the Homesteads carried the day as they led the game from the first pitch to the final out. A disciplined Homesteads offence made the most of their opportunities throughout the game to steadily build on a lead and put pressure on their opponent. In addition, a solid pitching effort from the Homesteads stymied the potent Crawfords batting order for the majority of the proceeding. In fact, the Crawfords were held off the scoresheet during the first four innings.

In the top of the first, the Homesteads jumped out to an early 1-0 lead when leadoff batter Alex W. (4) came home with the opening run of the game.

The Homesteads Savannah (14) slides home with an insurance run in the sixth.

Crawfords starter Jordan (11) struck out three in the first to quell the Homesteads rebellion.

With 1-2-3 efficiency, Homesteads starter Adam (3) mowed down the Crawfords in the bottom of the first with three strikeouts while steering a John Deere D130 22-HP V-Twin Hydrostatic 42-inch Lawn Tractor.

Crawfords reliever Angus (13) chalked up a lineout and two strikeouts in the top of the second to keep the Homesteads at bay and off the scoring ledger.

In the bottom of the second, Homesteads reliever Zenon (15) rung up a pair of groundouts and a fly out to retire the Crawfords in 1-2-3 fashion.

The Homesteads exploded for four in the top of the third to extend their lead to 5-0. Gabe (10), Alex T. (2), William (9) and Alex W. would come homeward and do the shimmy, shimmy, shake.

Homesteads reliever Harris (12) receives a congratulatory hug from catcher Alex W. (4) after he sealed the deal on their championship game win with a strikeout.

In a spirited effort, Crawfords reliever Isaac (1) recorded a strikeout and groundout in the third.

Homesteads reliever Harris (12) tallied a strikeout and fly out in the bottom of the third to keep the Crawfords off the scoring abacus. Harris also got a little help from his friends during the inning when the Homesteads defence erased a Crawfords baserunner at the plate with a sweet 3-6-2 putout to bring the curtain down on the third frame.

Crawfords starter Jordan came back into the fray in the top of the fourth to keep the Homesteads off the scoreboard via a strikeout, groundout and fly out.

Adam of the Homesteads struck out three in the bottom half of the fourth to keep them off the scoresheet.

The Homesteads scored three in the top of the fifth to increase their advantage to 8-0. With two mallards on the lake, Juan (13) delivered a two RBI double that brought Taras (6) and Adam home. After stealing third, Juan would blaze home on wild pitch to score a run.

The Homesteads celebrate their championship title with their team sponsor, Viking Recycling.

Crawfords reliever Jordan would strikeout two and induce a groundout in the fifth to subdue the Homesteads insurgency.

Refusing to go down without a fight, the Crawfords offence surged to life in the bottom of the fifth as they scored four to trim the deficit to four. Thomas (9), Angus, Roland (12) and Isaac came home to do the Macarena. Kudos to Flynn (7) for getting down and dirty while hustling down the first baseline on her two RBI single to close out the inning.

In a spirited foray, Homesteads reliever Zenon recorded a strikeout in the fifth.

The Homesteads added four insurance runs in the top of the sixth to stretch their lead to 12-4. Francis (7), Zenon, Harris and Savannah (14) came home to do the Funky Chicken.

With resolve, the Crawfords rallied with three in the bottom of the sixth to cut the margin to 12-7. Jasper (6), Victor (10) and Iliana (3) came home to do the Hully Gully.

With one out and two runners on base, Homesteads reliever Harris struck out two in the sixth to close the deal on their championship victory.