SELECT > Important Information Regarding the 2019 TP Select Program


With the last outdoor Select Team outdoor ‘workout’ sessions for 2018 taking place this weekend, the Toronto Playgrounds Baseball Committee would like to really thank all of the players who have come out so enthusiastically to take part in the workouts….some of those evenings were quite chilly! We’d also like to thank all the coaches and parents who helped out with running the workouts. We’d also like to say a big thank you to all of our young adult and teenage umpires/field supervisors who came out so many times to help make the workouts a big success!

If you are interested in trying out for one of our 2019 Select teams and somehow haven’t made it out to one of the workouts yet, we really need to see you out for this last workout if at all possible. We’ll now be taking a break in the Select Team tryout process until we move indoors in January, and it’s very important that the coaches have a sense of everyone who is interested in trying out.

[Please click on the following link to access the schedule for the last series of autumn ‘Workout’ Sessions taking place on October 27 and 28: 2019 TP Select Team Outdoor Workout Schedule]

In terms of the indoor Select Team tryouts that will be starting in early- to mid-January, the Committee will only be contacting those people who have expressed to us that they are interested in trying out for Select….we won’t be sending out a general email to everyone in the database. We have been reminding everyone at the outdoor workouts to make sure that their child’s name is on the sign in sheet. It only has to be on the sheet once for us to contact you with the details regarding the indoor tryouts in January.

  • If you are not 100% certain that your child’s name was placed on the sign in sheet then please email us at using the subject line “Interest in 2019 Select” to let us know you’re interested.
  • If you are interested in Select for 2019, haven’t been to a workout, and can’t make it out this weekend, you should also email us at using the subject line “Interest in 2019 Select” to let us know you’re interested.

Here is how the process will work once we start inside in January. All interested players will be invited out to the first indoor tryout. Once the indoor tryouts start, the coaches will begin the process of letting some players know that they won’t be making the team…some coaches may tell some players after the first indoor tryout, some coaches may wait until after the second tryout. Whichever way a particular coach decides to do it, our plan is that by the end of the third indoor tryout the teams will be more or less chosen. There will then be weekly indoor practices for each Select team (which players obviously need to attend) until mid-April, when we will prepare to head back outside again!

The number of players that will be on each team, and whether there will be taxi squad players on a team, may vary somewhat from team to team. That information will be available from the coaches at the indoor tryouts.

If you are interested in trying out for select and you haven’t already read it, please take the time to read the Select Overview information sheet so that you are fully aware of the commitments involved in playing on a Select team. The link is copied here: Select Overview.

If you have any other questions regarding our 2019 Select program, please email us at