SELECT > TP 13U Red Top Martingove 14-4


In a stellar performance, TP 13U Red starter Payton (3) stymied Martingrove over the course of four solid innings. Payton dictated the tenor of the proceedings by limiting the White Sox to only three runs while striking out six.

Under a tranquil ceiling of warm summer skies, the Toronto Playgrounds 13U Red Selects defeated the Martingrove 13U White Sox 14-4 in a 4 ½ inning Etobicoke Baseball Association (EBA) 13U Select Loop game tonight at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

After surrendering a leadoff double to Adrian (15) in the top of the first, TP 13U Red starter Payton (3) retired the Martingrove batting order in 1-2-3 fashion with a flyout, strikeout and a groundout to keep the White Sox off the scoring ledger.

Payton received a helping hand from his D during the inning on two plays. TP right fielder Liam (76) made a nice catch on a scorching fly ball off the bat of Michael (2) to tally the first out.

Subsequently, with two outs and a Martingrove runner on third, TP second baseman Henry (14) vacuumed up a sharp cheddar cheese grounder off the the bat of Martin (29) and made a laser toss to first baseman Milo (21) to tally the third out with a sweet 4-3 putout.

In the bottom half of the first, Toronto Playgrounds made the most of its opportunities to stake itself to an early 3-0 lead.

After Vincenzo (29) drew a leadoff walk, Tyler (26) muscled a RBI triple that allowed Vincenzo to come home with the opening run of the game.

Tyler (26) powers a RBI triple to bring home TP’s first run in the bottom of the first inning.
Vincenzo (29) hustles home with TP’s first run in the first.

Following a pair of walks by Oliver (35) and Henry that loaded the bases, Mike (9) drew a one out RBI bases loaded walk that allowed Tyler to mosey homeward with a run.

With the bases still packed tighter than a can of premium sardines, Emmett (52) hit into a fielder’s choice that advanced Henry to third, erased Mike at second, and brought Oliver home with another TP run.

Emmett (52) muscles home a TP run on a fielder’s choice in the first frame.
In a workmanlike 1 2/3 inning effort, Martingrove starter Michael (2) tallied a pair of groundouts, two pop outs and a strikeout versus TP.

Nonplussed, Martingrove starter Michael tallied a pop out, groundout and a strikeout to pacify the TP insurgency in the first frame.

Exhibiting no mercy, TP 13U Red starter Payton dispatched Martingrove with 1-2-3 efficiency in the top of the second with an elixir of two strikeouts sandwiched around a groundout that kept the potent White Sox offence off the scoreboard and in the laundry hamper.

Putting the pedal to the metal, TP scored five runs in the bottom of the second to stretch their plurality to 8-0.

After a one out walk and stolen base by Cynthia (18), Vincenzo delivered a clutch two out double that allowed Cynthia to hustle home with a run.

Vincenzo (29) delivers a grace under pressure two out RBI double that sparked a TP five run tornado in the bottom of the second frame.
Vincenzo (29) takes advantage of a White Sox error to score a TP run in the second.

Following a walk by Tyler that put runners on the corners, Vincenzo took advantage of a White Sox error to zoom home with a run.

After Oliver reached base on a hit by pitch, Martingrove uncorked a wild pitch that allowed Oliver to move over to second base and bring Tyler home with another TP run.

Following a walk and stolen base by Julian (77) that put runners on third and second, Henry would reach base on a dropped third strike that allowed both Oliver and Julian to motor home with a pair of runs.

TP baserunner Julian (77) beats the tag attempt of Martingrove catcher Gabriel (30) to score a dramatic run that capped of TP’s five run outburst in the second inning.

With Rome burning, Martingrove reliever Adrian entered the fray in the second inning to chalk up a strikeout that brought the TP rebellion to an end.

Taking umbrage at their situation, the White Sox rallied back with a run in the top portion of the third to trim the shortfall to 8-1.

Martin (29) drives home Martingrove’s first run in the top of the third with a RBI single.

After a two out walk by Adrian and a single by Michael, Callum (9) drew a walk to load the bases. Martin folloowed with a solid RBI hit to centre field that allowed Adrian to hustle home with Martingrove’s first run.

On the play, White Sox baserunner Michael threw caution to the wind as he made the bold as brass turn at third base in a brazen bid to score a run. As he charged homeward, TP centre fielder Vincenzo made a supersonic throw to catcher Henry, who stretched his glove over to tag Michael out in a chitty, chitty, bang, bang, 8-2 play at the dish that rang up the third out!

With two outs, TP catcher Henry (14) tags out White Sox baserunner Michael (2) with a heebie jebbies 8-2 putout at the dish in the top of the third.

TP 13U Red starter Payton tallied two strikeouts against the White Sox in the third frame.

With authority, Martingrove reliever Adrian retired TP in 1-2-3 style in the bottom of the third with a groundout and two strikeouts to keep them off the scoresheet.

Martingrove reliever Adrian (15) pitched a solid 1 1/3 innings where he allowed only one unearned run while striking out three TP batters.

Martingrove continued to chip away at the deficit in the top of the fourth as they scored a two spot to whittle the gap to 8-3.

After hitting a one out double, James S. (46) advanced to third base on a TP error. James K. (12) followed with a groundout that allowed James S. to score.

James K. (12) drives home a Martingrove run with a sacrifice hit in the top of the fourth.
Julian (16) follow through on a RBI double during a White Sox two run rally in the fourth frame.

Following a two out double by Gabriel (30), Julian (16) delivered a clutch RBI double that brought Gabriel home with another White Sox run.

With the TP defence reeling, TP second baseman Cynthia stepped into the breach to vacuum up a hard hit grounder off the bat of Adrian and turn a 4-3 putout with first baseman Milo to ring up the third out.

Shaken, but not stirred, TP 13U Red starter Payton also dug deep into his reservoir tank to dole out a strikeout and a pair of groundouts in the fourth that brought the Martingrove mutiny to an end.

In the bottom of the fourth, Toronto Playgrounds tacked on six insurance runs to solidify their upper hand at 14-3.

After a leadoff walk, Cynthia utilized her Grand Theft prowess to swipe her way around the horn into scoring position at third base. Milo capitalized on the opportunity with a seamless RBI hit that allowed Cynthia to come home to roost.

SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL > TP baserunner Cynthia (18) utilized her speed and Grand Theft acumen to rattle the White Sox defence with three stolen bases and two runs scored.

During TP’s next at bat, Vincenzo reached base on a White Sox error. The grievous faux pas also allowed Milo to advance to third and Vincenzo to move over to second. With his eye on the prize, Tyler followed with a scorching three run inside the park home run shot.

Tyler (26) delivers an immaculate three run inside the park home run blast during TP’s six run tsunami in the bottom of the fourth.
Emmett (52) connects for a RBI hit during TP’s six run earthquake in the fourth frame.

Following a pair of two out walks by Henry and Mike that put two mallards on the lake, Emmett (52) stroked a RBI single that brought Henry home with the Reese’s Peanut Buttercups.

After a walk by Liam had loaded the bases, Payton drew a bases loaded RBI walk that allowed Mike to skedaddle home with a carton of Baskin Robbins Icing on the Cake flavoured ice cream.

In a workmanlike foray on the hill. Martingrove reliever Simon (14) rang up a pop out, groundout and strikeout in the fourth inning to bring the curtain down on the TP tsunami.

In a nitty, gritty foray on the hill, Martingrove reliever Simon (14) pacified the TP insurrection in the bottom of the fourth with a pop out, groundout and strikeout.

Refusing to go quietly into the night, Martingrove donned their rally caps in the top half of the fifth in one last effort to change their fate,

After a leadoff single and stolen base by Michael, Martin stroked a one out groundout that allowed Michael to score and close the margin to 14-4.

TP 13U Red closer Julian would tally three groundouts in the fifth frame to extinguish the White Sox comeback bid and seal the deal on a dominating TP victory.

With his eye on the prize, TP 13U Red closer Julian (77) deftly put the kibosh on Martyingrove’s comeback hopes in the top of the fifth with three groundball outs.


Photos from the EBA 13U Select Loop Game between the Toronto Playgrounds 13U Red Selects and the Martingrove 13U White Sox on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 at Christie Pits Diamond 2.