A Better Website For One and All One Base At A Time


Tom Yun and Sarah Milberry of Just You Sarah & Tom (632 Bloor Street West)

As many frequent visitors to our Toronto Playgrounds Baseball website have noticed over the past few months, the site has been undergoing a bit of fine tuning to make it more user friendly and relevant to the needs of players, parents and coaches in the TP House League Baseball Family. Our goal is to make the TP Baseball website a destination of choice to satisfy your thirst for information regarding our house league baseball program.

Part of the evolution of the website has been the addition of pictures to our postings. Pictures help add colour, context and vibrancy to the articles we post.

In that regard, we would like to thank Sarah Milberry and Tom Yun for supplying the stuffed toys that have graced our website so far this season. Sarah and Tom are the proprietors who own the Just You Sarah & Tom Gift and Toy Shop located at 632 Bloor Street West (416) 535-4619. Both of them are enthusiastic supporters of TP Baseball.

The feedback for the improvements to our TP baseball website has been extremely positive. We thank you for taking the time to check us out. We also thank you for your patience as we experiment to improve the website. As the old adage goes, sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss.

If you have any story suggestions, postings or pictures that you wish to share with us in the TP House League Baseball Family, please email us at tpbaseball@gmail.com  care of the TP Baseball Website.