Let’s All Celebrate and Have A Good Time!!!


The Tee Ball and Rookie Ball Divisions held a Celebration Day to remember today at Bickford Park which brought their respective 2010 baseball seasons to a rousing conclusion.

Despite the presence of ominous overcast skies above, Mother Nature cooperated by not allowing any rain to fall until after the Celebration Day proceedings had concluded on both diamonds. 

On the Bickford North Diamond , the Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Loons, Owls and Ravens played joyous and spirited  Tee Ball that reaffirmed the adage that birds of a feather play great baseball together. The Tee Ball players were wonderful to behold and brought a smile to everyone in attendance.

The Bobcats, Cheetahs, Jaguars, Lions, Panthers and Tigers put on a cat scratch fever performance at the Bickford South Diamond to bring their respective 2010 Rookie Ball Division to a close. The offensive fireworks brought the crowd to their feet in celebration.

All the Tee Ball and Rookie Ball players who participated in the Celebration Day festivities were given a gorgeous TP trophy and a free lunch. Parents, family and friends in attendance were all smiles as they captured their children in action with their cameras in hand for the digital scapbook. It those Kodachrome and Polaroid moments that one remembers and cherishes forever.

And, if you were curious at all, out TP Official Scorekeeper said that ALL three Tee Ball Celebration Day games and ALL three Rookie Ball Celebration Day games ended in a TIE. A fitting end to a great season.

It’s always sad to see the end of another baseball season. But such is the rite of passage and life itself.

The wonderful memories will always remain.

The TP Baseball Committee would like to thank all the Tee Ball and Rookie Ball coaches who volunteered their valuable time to make it all possible; the parents who had the faith in our Tee Ball and Rookie Ball baseball programs to register their children and support them all season long; the volunteers who umpired the games and TP  Baseball  Committee members and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make it all possible.

But most of all, we thank all the  players who participated in our Tee Ball and Rookie Ball baseball programs. Without your joy, energy, exuberance and determination on the diamond, we wouldn’t be able to play baseball so majestically and happily.

We hope to see all of you back for the 2011 Season!