DAY SEVEN: Whew! There’s only four games left in the 2010 TP Tournament!


Left to right: Ciaran (9) of the Pirates and Tyler (7) of the Cubs.

It was looking dire late Saturday night as the rain was pouring down on the baseball diamonds at Christie Pits, but Mother Nature worked her magic and allowed us to play all twelve of our scheduled TP Tournament games on Sunday underneath beautiful blue skies.

Sunday was also the beginning of the championship playoff phase of the tournament. Some teams won their playoff games to advance further in the tourney wheras some teams lost and were eliminated. But it is also part of the commiserate  lessons of life… can’t win all the time and nothing is guaranteed (especially on the field of play or life itself). However, we are all winners for participating and socializing not only on the diamond but in our everyday existence. 

We’ve sucessfully played forty-one tournament games within a six day span. That’s a lot of baseball…but it’s part and parcel of the exhilaration of September Madness.

The TP Baseball Comittee wishes to thank all the parents and players who volunteered during the tournament to help us at the barbecue, coach, scorekeep, umpire, PA announcing, move equipment…etc. The success of the TP Baseball program is based on its voulnteers who go the extra mile to make it the wonderful experience that it is not only during the tourney but all season long.

The tournament continues with tonight’s first scheduled Mosquito Division Semi-Final Game at 6 p.m. between the Cubs (1) and Pirates (4) at Diamond # 2.

There’s only 4 more games left in the 2010 TP baseball season. We hope to see you down at Christie Pits to surf the wave as ‘September Madness’ winds down.