PEEWEE TUESDAYS: Yankees Hang On To Edge Orioles 15-14


Jacob (5) of the Yankees is about to connect for the second of his three hits in the second inning. Jacob went three for three at the plate with a double. (3 AB; 3 H; 1 R; 3 RBI)

Under very humid skies at Christie Pits, the runs were pouring down on the diamonds like black sheets of rain as the six Peewee Division teams scored a total of seventy runs this evening.

The Yankees nearly blew an eleven run lead as they hung on to edge the Orioles 15-14 in four innings of play at Diamond # 3.

Davey (15) of the Orioles went 3 for 4 at the dish with a triple. (4 AB; 3 H; 2 R; 3 RBI)

The Bronx Bombers had built a 15-4 lead heading into the final inning. However, the Orioles offense finally erupted as they rallied with ten hits in bottom of the fourth and scored ten runs to make it a one run game.

With the tying run on third and two outs, it took a magnificient defensive play (6-3) by the Yankees to finally snuff out the Orioles rally.

Kudos to Jacob (5) of the Yankees for his offensive prowess at the dish as he went 3 for 3 at the plate with one double; 1 run scored and 3 runs batted in. An additional kudos to Davey (15) of the Orioles who went 3 for 4 at the dish with a triple; 2 runs scored and 3 runs batted in. 

Meanwhile on Diamond # 2, the Jays trumped the Lizzies 9-7 in the early game and the Red Sox edged the Royals 13-12 in the nightcap.