MOSQUITO THURSDAYS: Dodgers Thump Cardinals 11-4


SHOWDOWN AT THE "K" CORRAL: Pierce (13) of the Cardinals struck out three Dodgers in the top of the third while Tyler (4) of the Dodgers struckout three consecutive Cardinals batters in the bottom of the third.

Energized by lemonade donated by the Linuxcaffe (the team’s sponsor), the Dodgers thumped the Cardinals 11-4 in four innings of play at the Bickford South diamond today.

The Dodgers offense was running on all cylinders as the team used a disciplined approach at the plate to build a lead that they would not relinquish. Meanwhile, the Dodgers pitching corps neutralized a potent Cardinals batting order all game long.

Beca (5) of the Dodgers hit two singles, scored twice and drove in two runs (3AB; 2 H; 2 R; 2 RBI).

Kudos to Beca (5) of the Dodgers who had a stellar day in the batter’s box as she collected two hits; two runs and drove in two runs (3 AB; 2 H; 2 R; 2 RBI).

Additional kudos to Pierce (13) of the Cardinals (1 IP; O ER; 1 H; 3 K’s) who pitched a super top of the third and Tyler (4) of the Dodgers (1 IP; 0 ER; 0 H; 3 K’s) who struck out the side in the bottom of the third inning.

At Diamond # 3, the Cubs mauled the Pirates 13-6 and the Lizzies rallied at Diamond # 2 to usurp the Giants 9-8.