BANTAM SATURDAYS: A’s Ace Lizzies 7-4


GAME MVP: Stanny (8) of the A's caught two super innings in the victory. Additionally, Stanny also pitched a scoreless second inning and scored two runs.

The A’s stymied the Lizzies 7-4 in 3 ½ innings of Bantam Division action at Dominico Field at Christie Pits today.

The Athletics used a brew of strong pitching and making the most of their offensive opportunties in attaining the win.

The MVP of the game was Stanny (8) of the A’s who pitched a scoreless second inning; scored two runs and also caught two strong innings behind the plate.

In a mysterious scenario after the Bantam Division game, there seemed to be a dearth of Monarchs sighted at Diamond # 1 for the Midget game against the Lizzies.

The investigation continues.