MOSQUITO > DAY 8: Pirates Plunder Dodgers 12-2


SEA DOGGIN’ PITCHERS > Clockwise from top: Pirates reliever Adam (15) threw two scoreless innings (second & third) while striking out three; Pirates starter Lucas (14) pitched two solid innings (first & fourth) where he allowed only two runs while striking out six Dodgers; Bucs closer Jian (4) pitched a scoreless fifth with two K’s to seal the deal.

Beneath the beautiful shanty shores of Diamond Two Bay this evening, the swashbuckling Pirates plundered the artful Dodgers 12-2 in a five inning siege of the semi-final mizzenmast to advance to Thursday’s Mosquito Division Championship Game against the Cubs at Christie Pits.

Three sea doggin’ Pirates pitchers [Lucas (14); Adam (15) and Jian (4)] combined to limit the potent Dodgers offense to two runs over five innings, while striking out eleven.

Meanwhile, the jolly roger Buccaneers took advantage of thirteen walks and eight hits to score a treasure trove of twelve runs. Leading 2-1, the gnarly Pirates fired off the offensive cannons and exploded for ten runs in the final three innings to sea salt the game away.

The TP Baseball Committee wishes to commend Dodgers Coaches Andrew Yonick and Pat Davis, and all the Dodgers players on a great season. Way to go, Dodgers!

The Pirates (5) will play the Cubs (3) in the Mosquito Division championship final on Thursday, September 13 at Christie Pits Diamond 2 at 6:00 p.m.

Players and Parents are reminded that the championship final will be five innings in length and the four run mercy will be in effect. Extra innings will be played if necessary.