‘September Madness’ Is On The Horizon!


Pictures from the 2013 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Season.

A Message for our Players, Parents, and Coaches:

It’s hard to believe, but we’re in the last week of our regular season for 2013! It’s been a great season which has featured a lot of great baseball on the house league and select fronts. Now, just around the corner, is our annual end-of-season TP Baseball Tournament (a.k.a. ‘September Madness’).

We’ll be sending out the Tournament Rules to everyone later this week so that anyone who wants to can be fully prepared for the wall-to-wall baseball on the way!

The schedule of games will be sent to everyone and posted on the website later tomorrow evening.

Each team in the Mosquito, Peewee, and Bantam divisions will play four round robin games…each team will play two games during the Tuesday, September 3 to Friday, September 6 period. Mosquito teams will also play two games on Saturday, September 7. The Peewee and Bantam teams will each play one round robin game on Saturday and one on Sunday. The four mosquito quarter-final games will be played on Sunday, September 8. Semi-final games in each division will begin on Monday, September 9.

We realize that Rosh Hashanah is during the first week of our tournament. Due to the fact that other sports activities as well as other clubs and lessons (not to mention school-based activities) get rolling in earnest by mid-September and involve many of our house league players, we need to plan on, as usual, wrapping up the tournament before the second weekend of school (weather permitting). This has meant that we’re not able to have two days in the first week without any games, so we’ve set up the schedule to ensure that no team is scheduled on both Wednesday, September 4 and Thursday, September 5 (but every team is scheduled on one of those days). The games in question are round-robin, not elimination games.

When you receive your Tournament Schedule, please check carefully for the dates and times of your team’s games. Also, it is really important, given that the sun sets earlier and diamond 3 has no lights, and that we have a second game scheduled on diamond 2 each night, that players and coaches are ready to go at the time indicated on the schedule. Games scheduled for 5:45 p.m. will have to start at 5:45 p.m. regardless of how many players are present. The other important information regarding the tournament will be noted in the letter which you’ll receive tomorrow evening with the schedule.

Finally, the main reason we hold this tournament in September each year is to involve as many players as possible, since presumably people are home from holidays for school. So, even if you haven’t been out for awhile, please try to come to as many tournament games as you can…it’s a great way to wrap up our season!


Steve Smith

Coordinator, Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball