PEEWEE > DAY 1: Jays Cage Orioles 9-5


JAYS IN FLIGHT > Clockwise from top left: Angus (1) ignited the Jays offense from the get go. In four plate appearances, Angus went 1 for 2 [single, fielder’s choice, two walks] with two runs scored and four stolen bases. Angus also pitched a scoreless first by striking out three Orioles; Jays reliever Alexander (9) threw two stellar innings where he allowed only one run while striking out four O’s [2 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 4 W, 4 K’s]. Alex also delivered a RBI double in the first; Cam (8) sparked the Jays offense with some hard nosed gritty play. In three appearances at the dish, Cam went 2 for 2 [two singles, walk] with two runs scored, a RBI and three stolen bases; Jays reliever Nathan (12) pitched a scoreless fourth by striking out three O’s in order. Nathan also delivered a RBI single in the fifth.

Under the lights on a cool September evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2, the Jays defeated the Orioles 9-5 in a meandering five inning Peewee Division round robin tournament game.

In a molasses type of affair, where the proceedings took two hours and fifteen minutes to complete, the Jays took Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) in the third inning and never looked back in the rear view mirror.

Here are the highlights:

  • The Jays jumped out to an early 4-0 lead in the top of the first. After leading off the inning with a single and a pair of stolen bases, Angus (1) dashed home from third with the Jays first run on an Orioles error. With one out and a runner on base, Alexander (9) stroked a RBI double to bring Jack (3) home. Subsequently, with the bases loaded, Max (11) drew a RBI walk to allow Alex to saunter home. With two outs and the bases still juiced, Sarah (2) earned a RBI walk to deliver Cam (8) home.
  • Jays starter Angus (1) struck out three in the bottom of the first to keep the O’s off the scoresheet.
  • Orioles reliever Joseph a.k.a. ‘Diamond Cutter’ (1) pitched a scoreless second inning as he struck out two [1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 3 W, 2 K’s].

    In the top of the second, Orioles reliever Joseph the ‘Diamond Cutter’ (1) mowed down two to keep the Jays off the scoring ledger.
  • The Orioles stormed back with four runs in the bottom of the second to tie the game 4-4. With two O’s on base, Lukas a.k.a. ‘Spitz’ (10) delivered a two RBI double to bring ‘Scoop’ Maghnus (9) and ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Ben (15) homeward bound. Subsequently, with one out and two runners on base, Ben the ‘Matrix’ (6) stroked a two RBI double to plate ‘Spitz’ and ‘Gouda’ Simon (14).
  • However, the Jays answered back with two in the top of the third to retake the lead 6-4 (an advantage they would not relinquish.). After leading off the inning with a single, Cam stole two bases and came motoring home on an O’s error. Subsequently, Max (who walked) would also score from third on another Orioles defensive lapse.
  • O’s reliever Ben the ‘Matrix’ (6) limited the Jays to two runs in the third with a two strikeout effort. The ‘Matrix’ also picked off a wayfaring Jays base runner at third.
  • In the bottom of the third, Jays reliever Alexander (9) extricated himself from a bases loaded mojo jojo jam by striking out two Orioles without allowing a run in the turning point of the game.
  • The Jays added two insurance runs in the top of the fourth to stretch their lead to 8-4. With two outs and the bases juiced to capacity, Cam would draw a RBI walk to allow Angus to mosey home. Sam (7) would follow with a RBI walk to allow Beca (6) to boogie home.
  • Jays reliever Nathan (12) mowed down three Orioles with a John Deere D-130 100 Series V-Twin Hydrostatic in the bottom of the fourth to keep them off the scoreboard.
  • In the top of the fifth, the Jays tacked on another run for good measure to extend their advantage to 9-4. With the harness removed by Jays Head Coach Matt Byrnes, Yuki (4) was allowed to run rampant after a lead off walk and steal two bases with unbridled aplomb to reach third. Subsequently, Nathan would deliver Yuki home with a RBI single.
  • In a tidy effort, Orioles reliever Brian the ‘Sizzle’ (12) allowed only one run while fanning three Jays in the top of the fifth.
  • The O’s rallied for a run in the bottom of the fifth to trim the deficit to four. After ‘Gouda’ led off the inning with a double and stole third, the ‘Matrix’ delivered the ‘Gouda’ home with a RBI sacrifice to centre.
  • Shaken, but not stirred, Jays closer Alexander struck out the next two O’s to seal the deal on the victory.

In a rematch, the Jays (1-0) will host the Orioles (0-1) at Christie Pits Diamond 2 in their next round robin tournament game on Thursday, September 5 at 7:45 p.m. Parents and Players are reminded to bring their Audubon Bird Field Guide to the ballpark on that evening.