MOSQUITO > Angels Edge Rays 15-14


Game Post composed with files from Steve Yacht and Diane McCallum

Under a curtain of warm and serene skies, the Angels edged the Rays in a thrilling four inning roller coaster Mosquito Division showdown this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

Here is an Angels account of the proceedings:

  • Under a deep blue evening sky, the Angels met the Rays this week in what would prove to be the Mosquito Division showdown on the season.
  • Angels pitcher Maggie (4) started on the mound in the top of the first and allowed just one run in the inning while striking out three Rays.
  • Matthew (11) followed up in the bottom of the first with a home run and racking up two RBIs in the process.
  • Halos reliever Sara (7) stepped up in the top of the second and struck out three while allowing only one hit to hold the Rays to a scoreless inning.
  • The Angels came out swinging in the bottom of the second with hits by Cooper (2), Sara, Alex (9), Jack (10) and Julien.
  • Angels reliever Cooper took over in the top of the third and threw two impressive strikeouts while giving the Devil Rays a taste of his rocket arm. Although the Rays battled back with four runs, the Angels retained the lead.
  • The Angels settled for a series of walks in the bottom of the third with patient at bats resulting in another four run tally.
  • Halos reliever Taio (1) faced a determined Rays squad in the top of the fourth which came out sporting their rally caps and swinging for the fences. Although Taio put up a strong effort, battling through numerous full counts, the Rays stung the Angels with some big hits leading to a three run lead.
  • However, the Angels bats were not to be denied in their comeback bid in the bottom of the fourth. After Jack led off the frame with a solid hit, Maggie followed with a clutch triple and RBI. Julien and Myles then followed suit with a walk and a hit, causing heightening concern on the Rays bench. Then Taio stepped up to a plate, with an expression of deceptive calm after a tough inning on the mound, and wasted no time as he whalloped a triple, electrifying the crowd as two Angels runners came in to score for the win. Final tally:  Angels 15, Rays 14.

And here is a Rays summary of the game:

  • The Angels and Rays fans were treated to an exciting game on Thursday night! 

  • Rays starter PJ (2) led the way with his first time pitching on the mound. 

  • Rays relievers Nicolas (5), Parker (3), and Devin (6) also had a fine outings as well against the Angels.  

  • Hitting was a strong point for the Rays with Javert (14), Sadie (1), and Kismet (12) leading the way. 

  • Fielding was also an asset for the Rays with Margaret (11) Ethan (15), Lucas (8), Lucky (10), Tiger (4), Evan (9), and Devon (7) displaying strong skills in the field. 

  • Dante (13) executed heads-up strategy while running the bases.

  • The fans look forward to the next game on Thursday!