MOSQUITO > Lizzies Hook Mariners 12-10


Game Post composed with files from Tim Burke and Devon Forbes

Beneath a ceiling of warm and summery skies, the Lizzies defeated the Mariners 12-10 in four innings of Mosquito Division play this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

Here is a Mariners account of the proceedings:

  • It was a beautiful day for baseball down at Christie Pits for a meeting between the Mariners and the Lizzies.
  • The Mariners scored four in the top of the first to take an early 4-0 lead.
  • Mariners starter Liam (7) took to the mound in the bottom of the first to make his Mosquito Division pitching debut against the Lizzies. Despite a good effort by Liam, the Lizzies scored four to tie it up 4-4.
  • The Mariners and Lizzies traded four run salvos in the second inning. When the dust had settled, the game was knotted at 8-8.
  • In the top of the third, the game became a tad tense after several Mariners batters were hit by pitch. However, Alex (5), Lucas (12) and Coleman (13) , shook it off and got even with the Lizzies by scoring some runs to give the M’s the lead.
  • Some aggressive base stealing by Reed (1), Callum (2) , Joaquin (6) , Lucas (12) and Max (14) [who stole home], got the Mariners pumped. But some strong pitching by the Lizzies bullpen sunk the Mariners in the fourth.