MOSQUITO > Mariners Edge White Sox 2-1


With the game tied 1-1, Joaquin (6) of the Mariners was hit by pitch on a 3-2 count in the bottom of the fourth inning. After stealing two bases, Joaquin would blaze homeward from third on a wild pitch and score the M's winning run over the White Sox.

With the game tied 1-1, Joaquin (6) of the Mariners reached base in the bottom of the fourth inning after being hit by pitch on a 3-2 count. After stealing two bases, Joaquin would blaze homeward from third on a wild pitch and score the M’s go ahead and winning run over the White Sox.

Game Post composed with file from Tim Burke and Mitch Davis

Under a blanket of warm summery skies, the Mariners edged the White Sox 2-1 in four supercalifragilisticexpialidocious innings of Mosquito Division action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 3.

Here is a Mariners account of the proceedings:

  • It was a great evening at the Pits as the sky opened up and the sun shone down over the diamond where the White Sox faced the Mariners.
  • Making his Mosquito Division pitching debut with the Mariners was Alex (5), who stood strong and delivered even stronger in the top of the first.
  • The Sox batter hit a hard grounder down the third base line, where Coleman (13) shuffled over to scoop it up and make a cannon of a throw over to first just in time to get the batter out.
  • Later, with a base runner on first, the White Sox batter hit a high fly ball into the sun. Fighting off the powerful glare of the sun, Max (14) stayed focused on it, snagged it out of the sky, and tossed it over to first to get the runner tagging up and showing the  Sox how a 6 – 3 double play is done.
  • Holding the Sox to no runs in the first, the Mariners were ready to get down to business in their bottom half of the inning.
  • After the M’s s got a man on first, Emmett (11) entered the fray as a pinch runner. Emmett did his job and stole his way to second base but was left stranded there as the White Sox held the mariners down with a five up and three down inning.
  • The Sox scored a run in the top of the second to take a 1-0 lead.
  • However, Mariners reliever Liam (4) struck out two batters and the infield did the rest as the M’s limited the potent White Sox offense to just a run in the second frame.
  • Eager to get the offensive bats going, the Mariners dug in but we’re quickly sunk by some good pitching by the White Sox bullpen for a 4 up 3 down inning.
  • M’s reliever Max (14) revved up his rocket launching arm and blasted throws at the White Sox batters to get three explosive strikeouts, keeping the Sox off the scoreboard.
  • In the bottom of the third, the Mariners and all of their diehard fans knew that this was the most intense Mosquito Division game they’ve seen all season long. Trailing 1-0, the pressure was on the M’s to get some runs in.
  • After Liam (9) led off the inning with a walk, he proceeded to steal second and third. Subsequently, with two outs, Callum (2) reached base and was also in scoring position on second. Then the White Sox uncorked a wild pitch which gave Liam opportunity to steal home. With the third base coach’s go ahead signal, Liam blazed home in his his Nike’s and ‘just did it’! The most intense game of the season had just got more exciting and the fans in attendance were feeling it.
  • Nevertheless, the Sox bullpen stayed strong and were able to strand Callum to end the inning.
  • Still pumped from stealing home and tying the game, M’s reliever Liam (9) took to the mound to face the Sox in the top of the fourth.
  • Keeping his momentum, Liam ‘just did it’ again by hanging the Sox out to dry by tossing three strikeouts to keep them off the bases and the scoresheet.
  • With the hot sun blazing overhead and the crowd on their feet, Joaquin (6) led off the bottom of the fourth and worked the pitcher to a full 3-2 count. Then Joaquin was drilled by a hard pitch that was so hard that 911 was about to be called in to attend to him. But Joaquin shook it off and got up ambled down to first and the crowd roared its approval.
  • After taking his base, Joaquin brazenly swiped second, and then another to reach third.  With Joaquin standing on third with the potential winning run, the Sox uncorked a wild pitch that got away from the catcher. Seizing the opportunity, Joaquin ran hard towards home as the catcher recovered the ball. In a chitty chitty bang bang play at the dish, Joaquin#6 slid into home just as the White Sox catcher lunged to tag him. When the dust had settled, the home plate umpire screamed ‘SAFE’ and the crowd was on their feet in joyous celebration as the Mariners sunk the Sox 2 to 1 in the most exciting game of the season so far!!!