PEEWEE > Dodgers Usurp Lizzies 8-7


Game Summary edited with files from Jeff Kolyn and Steve Yacht

Under a ceiling of warm and tranquil skies, the Dodgers edged the Lizzies 8-7 in four electrifying innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Dovercourt Park.

Here is a Dodgers account of the proceedings:

  • As the Dodgers settled into their defensive positions the field in the top half of the first, Dodgers starter Lucas (7) opened the proceedings with two strikeouts. The highlight of the inning was when Dodgers right Fielder Ezra (12) threw out a Lizzies runner at first base on a hard hit ball into the outfield.

  • After being hit by a pitch in the bottom of the first, Wahid (9) managed to steal himself around to third base. Lucas followed that up with a walk and steal around as well.  Aaron (5) earned a walk and a theft of second base.  The Dodgers would not do any more damage.

  • Dodgers reliever Mei (6) entered the fray to pitch for the Dodgers in the top of the second and forced the Lizzies into two pop up outs that were caught adeptly by Pierro (14), and Cooper (7).  Mei also flashed a little leather and snagged a liner up the middle destined for a single, and turned it into a force at first, held onto nicely by Rachel (8). Mei held the Lizzies to just two runs.

  • In the bottom of the second, Ezra was hit by pitch and managed to steal second and third. After striking out, Jeremy (4) managed to reach first base on a dropped third strike. This also allowed Ezra to come in and score.  Mei was able to earn a walk, and Jeremy stole second base, but the Dodgers could do no more.

  • Dodgers reliever Josh (3) put on a pitching clinic in the top of the third. Josh struck out all three of the Lizzies that he faced, throwing almost all strikes. It was all either team could talk about!

  • The Dodgers were held scoreless in the bottom of the third. Both Pierro and Leo (1) earned walks.

  • Dodgers reliever Nicholas (15) came in from the bullpen to face the Lizzies in the top of the fourth. Despite throwing lots of strikes, it was a tough inning for Nicholas and the Dodgers. The Dodgers just could not  seem to find the out needed to contain the pesky Lizzies bats. By the end of the frame, the Dodgers were down 7-3.

  • As the curtain rose in the bottom half of the fourth, queue up the Dodgers comeback. With their rally caps on, Nicholas started the inning off with a smash double to center. After Lucas walked, he  pulled off the double steal with Nicholas to perfection. One pitch later, Nicholas stole home, and Lucas swiped third. Next, Aaron stepped up and crushed a single down the first baseline for the RBI. With the Dodgers down by two, Joseph (10) stroked a RBI single that scored Aaron, who had stolen himself around to third base. 

  • With two outs and the Dodgers down by only one, Joseph stole himself the basepaths to reach third base. Next, on a full count pitch, Jeremy (4) took a ball to earn a walk and put two ducks on the pond at third and first. Sensing that the ball had gotten away, Joseph broke for home and scored on a bang bang play to tie the game. 

  • After Jeremy stole second, Cooper garnered a walk. At this juncture, Jeremy and Cooper pulled off a double steal to move up respectively to third and second. As Mei drew a walk to load the bases, Josh or “Clutch” [as he’s been aptly called] entered the batter’s box.  On a 1-1 pitch, ‘Clutch’ smashed a rope down the first baseline to deliver Jeremy home with the Dodgers winning run.

Here is a Lizzies summary of the game:

  • The Dodgers hosted the Lizzies this week on a gorgeous evening at Dovercourt Park.
  • In the top of the first inning, Taio (8) was stranded at third after stealing two bases as the Dodgers held the Lizzies scoreless.
  • Lizzies starter Raymond (14) took the mound in the bottom of the first and racked up two K’s. Lizzies catcher Taio gunned down a Dodgers baserunner on an attempted steal at third to end the inning.
  • The Lizzies got things rolling in the top of the second as Han (2) walked and then stole second. As Parker (1) kept up her impressive OBP with a walk, Nicolas (3) delivered a sacrifice hit that moved Han to third. This lead to Han stealing home on the following play. Jona (6) chimed in with a RBI single and managed two stolen bases as well.
  • In the bottom of the second, Lizzies reliever Zenon (9) took to the mound and rang up early strikeout, followed by a pop fly to left field, deftly handled by Jaelynn (15). Zenon finished off the inning with his great command leading to his second strikeout for the night.
  • Both teams were held scoreless in the third. Nic showed great stuff on the mound and Taio made another superb stop at second followed by a scoop toss to Josh (4), who stretched for the out at first.  Josh proceeded to catch an infield fly for the third out.
  • The action really picked up for the Lizzies offense in the top of the fourth and final inning as a series of early walks eventually led to Elayna (11) stealing home. Then Zenon singled and notched two steals. Josh chalked up another RBI. The Lizzies scored five in all to take a 7-3 lead.
  • Lizzies closer Ethan (7) came into the game and tallied two strikeouts. However, the Dodgers bats came alive at just the right moment and they ended up on top.