MOSQUITO > Red Sox & White Sox Deadlock 9-9


Red Sox reliever Anthony (2) blanked the White Sox in the bottom of the fourth inning with a walk and three strikeouts to keep the game stalemated at 5-5.

Red Sox reliever Anthony (2) shut out the White Sox in the bottom of the fourth inning with a walk and three strikeouts to keep the game stalemated at 5-5.

Game Summaries edited with files from Richard Park and Tim Burke

Beneath a warm and hazy ceiling of midsummer skies, the Red Sox and White Sox battled to a 9-9 tie in four riveting innings of Mosquito Division play this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 3.

Here is a Red Sox account of the proceedings:

  • It was a back and forth tooth and nail battle all evening long as the White Sox replied for every run that the Red Sox put up on the scoresheet.
  • The Red Sox scored four in the top half of the first to take an early 4-0 lead.
  • However, in the bottom half of the first, the White Sox were able to tag Red Sox starter Vincent (4) with four runs to tie it up 4-4.
  • In the top of the second, the Red Sox were able to squeeze out a run to retake the lead 5-4. Lucas (11) and Sasha (6) were able to advance the runner on fielder’s choice to score Adrian (15).
  • Red Sox reliever Daniel (5) held the White Sox to one run with two strikeouts in the bottom of the second to keep the game knotted at 5-5.
  • In the second, Daniel was helped out on a nice throw out at first base by Red Sox right fielder Thomas(13), who made a rocket throw to first baseman Noah (8) to tally the 9-3 putout.
  • Despite his two out single in the top of the third, Vincent was unable to come home with a very effective White Sox reliever on the mound.
  • Red Sox reliever Anthony (2) blanked the White Sox in the bottom of the fourth with a walk and three strikeouts to keep the game tied.
  • In the top of the fourth, the Red Sox tacked on four runs with a solid single by Lucas (11) to take a 9-5 lead.
  • However, the White Sox responded in kind with Red Sox closer Sasha (6) on the mound. Sasha and catcher Owen (3) made a valiant effort to end the game with a play at the plate on a brazen White Sox steal of home by Joaquin (11), but came up short.
  • With two outs and the game deadlocked 9-9, Sasha struck out the White Sox batter to bring the curtain down on the proceedings. Sasha tallied three strikeouts to subdue the White Sox uprising.

Here is a White Sox log of the game:

  • Charlie (5) [a call up from Rookie Ball who was inserted into the White Sox lineup] played strong defense and had a great eye at the plate to get on base each time.
  • The White Sox received big RBI hits from Kade (9), who produced four RBI’s versus the Red Sox.
  • In addition, the White Sox got key hits from Tavaris (5), which generated two RBI’s.
  • Daniella stroked her first big hit into the outfield!
  • Down 9-8, Joaquin (11) stole home in the bottom of the fourth to tie the game!