PEEWEE > Dodgers Tie Up Pirates 10-10


Game Summaries edited with files from Jeff Kolyn and Devon Forbes

Under a canopy of warm midsummer skies, the Dodgers and Pirates played to a 10-10 draw in four innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Dovercourt Park.

Here is a Dodgers account of the proceedings:

  • With catcher Rachel (8) behind the plate, Dodgers starter Mei (6) [a.k.a. the strike throwing machine] consistently pounded the strike zone in the top of the first. Mei put the ball in play time and time again. However, the ball seemed to have eyes and found its way sneakily threw the shrewd Dodgers defence for 4-0 Pirates lead.

  • Vince [call up from the Mosquito Jays] started things off for the Dodgers in the bottom of the first with his first of four walks on the night. On the next pitch, Joseph (10) showed his muscles with a booming drive to centre field for a two run home run.  Mei and Cooper (7) also reached with a walk and each of them stole a base, but the Dodgers could not come up with the key hit to score more runs.

  • With Dodgers reliever Cooper pitching in the top of the second, the hard luck Dodgers D could not seem to get a break as the ball, though not hit hard, was finding itself in a no win situation for the Dodgers. Coop, pitched very well, putting the ball in play again and again showing great poise on the rubber.

  • In the bottom of the second, Aaron (5) started the Dodgers off with a hit and a stolen base. After Rachel picked up a walk, Yonah (11) followed by fouling off multiple balls to earn a walk of his own. Vince picked up an RBI walk, but that is all the scoring the Dodgers could muster, with some tough luck on the field that left the Dodgers runners in no mans land. As the curtain fell on the second inning, the Pirates led the Dodgers 8-3.

  • With things looking a little bleak for the Dodgers, reliever Aaron entered the fray in the top of the third.  Picking up 3 K’s, Aaron held the power hitting Pirates to just one run, keeping the Dodgers within reach of the gnarly Buccaneers.

  • In the bottom of the third, Wahid (9) started off the frame with a solid hit and two steals. After Aaron walked and stole second and third, Wahid adroitly stole home. Rachel walked as well, and stole second. Vince then walked, but again the Pirates pitching held the Dodgers to just a single run. At the end of three innings, the Pirates led 9-4.

  • Dodgers reliever Wahid came in to pitch the top of the fourth and took matters into his own hands. Ringing up 3 K’s, Wahid held the Pirates to just a run. Although things looked like tough sledding for the Dodgers, the team found some new found confidence and the Dodgers left the field with some extra swagger.

  • Rally caps on again for the Dodgers at Dovercourt Park as Mei started off  the bottom of the fourth with a walk and two steals to apply some pressure right away. Coop walked and advanced to second when Wahid smashed an RBI single. They both stole a base to set up second and third. Aaron then walked followed by Rachel with the RBI walk scoring Coop. Wahid then stole home with Aaron and Rachel stealing second and third.  Vince walked to load the bases, and Joseph walked to bring in his third RBI of the night. With the Dodgers down by two and with the bases loaded, Mei smashed one up the middle that was knocked down, allowing the Pirates to force out the Dodgers base runner at second. However, on the play, two Dodgers base runners came in to score and completed the come back to tie the score at 10-10.

Here is a Pirates log of the game:

  • With one out in the top half of the first, the Pirates were able to score four runs on five hits to take an early 4-0 lead. The Bucs offensive surge was highlighted by Francis’ (2) two run triple.
  • Pirates starter Dylan (7) held the Dodgers to two runs with one strikeout in the bottom of the first.
  • After Dajuan (10) and Dylan got on base with back to back singles to begin the top of the second, Jackson delivered a RBI single to left that allowed Dylan to advance to third and scored Dajuan. Following Jackson’s successful steal of second, Dean (9) delivered a 2 run single to centre field that allowed Dylan and Jackson to score. With one out and base loaded, the Pirates were able to score their fourth run on a RBI single by Nigel (14).
  • Making his pitching debut in the bottom of the second, Pirates reliever Loyan (12) was able to hold the Dodgers to one run with one strikeout .
  • Francis scored the Pirates only run in the top half of the third on home run to center field.
  • Pirates reliever Francis held the Dodgers to one run while striking out two batters.
  • With one out in the top of the fourth, Jackson and Dean got on base with back to back singles. After the Bucs pulled off a double steal, Lucas (15) was able to draw a two out walk to load the bases. Daniel (12) followed with a RBI single to plate Jackson.
  • Buccaneers reliever Dean (9) made his pitching debut in the bottom of the fourth. Subsequently, the Pirates were able hold off Dodgers rally and finish the game tied.