PEEWEE > Mets Outnumber Cubs 8-5


Mets reliever Teddy (12) [top] hurls one at the plate during a shutout second inning versus the Cubs at Christie Pits Diamond 2. With Mets catcher Mets catcher is Roland (11) looking on,

Mets reliever Teddy (12) [top] hurls one at the plate during a shutout second inning versus the Cubs at Christie Pits Diamond 2. With Mets catcher Roland (11) looking on from behind home plate, a Cubs player makes contact with the pitch. [Photos courtesy of Jaime Rosen]

Game Summaries edited with files from Terry Brown and Aaron Law. Game Photos courtesy of Jaime Rosen.

Beneath a blanket of warm midsummer skies, the Mets defeated the Cubs 8-5 in three innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2.

Here is a Mets account of the proceedings:

Mets outnumber Cubs 8-5 in three innings at Christie Pits Diamond #2.

Neither team could field nine players, the Mets having only eight players and the Cubs just five. So in a fine spirit of house league cooperation, it was decided each side would use only five infielders instead of six, and the Mets would supply the outfielders for both sides (the outfielders rotating onto the bench as their turn at bat approached). Everyone present should be commended for making this game experience go as smooth as any other (or close enough).
  • The Mets opened the scoring in dramatic fashion. After Isaac (4) led off with a single and Jade (6) followed with a walk, Alden (13) blasted a pitch high up into the sky over left-centre field. The ball carried well over the chain-link fence shared with Dominico Field for a stunning three-run homer. Two more batters walked, with Devin (8) hustling home on an errant throw.
  • Mets starting pitcher Roland (11), in his second outing since recovering from a broken arm, struggled with his control early on. But after taking advice from catcher Leandro (10), settled down and struck out two of the last three batters to end the inning. Roland recorded three K’s in all and the Mets retained a 4-3 lead.
  • The Mets offence struck again for four runs despite two fine fielding plays by the Cubs. The offensive highlight was Leandro’s booming double that cashed in two runs. Devin brought in Leandro with a single to put the Mets up 8-3.
  • Mets reliever Teddy (12) threw his first shutout inning of the season. He started well, striking out the first batter faced. After a single and a walk, the Mets fielders shut down the threat. Leandro deftly faded back into foul territory behind first base to catch a pop fly near the fence. Centre fielder Isaac then charged a grounder as it left the infield and flipped it to Jade at second for the force out, ending the inning.
  • Teddy led off the top of the third with a hard grounder that shot past the Cubs first baseman before he could even turn toward the ball. But excellent Cubs pitching and fielding left Ted stranded on third, and the score unchanged at 8-3.
  • The Cubs needed six runs in their last at bat, and began the inning well with a walk and a single, both of which scored. But Mets reliever Leandro closed out the win for the Mets, striking out three of the next four batters.

Here is a Cubs log of the game:

  • Oh a hot and dusty night in the pits, the Mets played the Cubs on their home turf.
  • The Cubs started off in the hole having only five players available to play, but no matter – the Cubs showed their toughness and battled to get within three runs of topping the Mets.
  • All five players contributed to the Cubs effort: Matthew  (14) showed his utility by playing in all parts of the field – pitching, catching and playing infield, and contributed with a couple of hits.
  • Griff (15) battled at the plate with the Mets pitchers and got a key hit in the game.
  • Maggie (7) stayed in the battery for the game, pitching a shut out inning in the third to give the Cubs a chance to come back.
  • Jack (8) contributed all over the field, pitching, fielding, scoring runs and pinch running.
  • Jashan (12) got some hits, ran the bases aggressively and played solid defense at first, second and third-shortstop.
  • The play of the game was the third in the top of the third inning. With two on base, the Mets top slugger [Alden (13)] came up to the plate, who hit a three run home run well over the fence in the first inning. Maggie threw her heat but the slugger saw it coming, hitting a ground ball to second, which was fielded like a pro by Griff, who threw it to Jashan at first to get the final out.