DAY 3 > There’s A Whole Lotta ‘September Madness’ Goin’ On!


Photos from Day 2 of the 2016 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Tournament.

Photos from Day 2 of the 2016 Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Tournament.

Despite a rainstorm from Mother Nature that scuttled two of our scheduled games late yesterday evening, ‘September Madness’ barrels ahead with no stone left unturned.

With three games completed last night, the 2016 edition of the annual Toronto Playgrounds House League Baseball Tournament continues this evening with eight more games in our respective Mosquito, Peewee and Bantam divisions. 

A grand total of 66 games are scheduled to be played within the next eleven day span of the tournament (weather permitting, of course).

The sheer amount of baseball games slated to be played is a baseball lover’s delight. During the weekend portion of the tournament, it’s a virtual cornucopia of baseball from dawn to dusk. It’s no wonder that we fondly refer to our tournament as ‘September Madness’.

Parents and Players are strongly advised to please check their tournament schedule to see what diamond your game is being played at. Since we are using a number of diamonds for the end of season tournament, please make sure you know where to go.

Here are the TP House League Baseball Tournament Schedules in PDF format:

Mosquito Division Parents and Players are advised that there are some games at the Dovercourt Park diamond, which wasn’t used for Mosquito games during the season. We’re using it during the tournament because we need another diamond in order to get the games in and it’s fairly close to Christie Pits. The diamond is two blocks west of Dovercourt St. and two blocks north of Bloor St. at the corner of Southview Avenue and Bartlett Avenue. From Bloor St. you should go north on Salem Ave. two blocks to Southview Ave. and the diamond is on your left. From Hallam St. to the north you should go south on Bartlett Ave. two blocks…the diamond is on the east side of the street.

It is very important that we start all games at the start time listed on the scheduleplease try to be at the diamond at least 30 minutes before the start time to give the coaches a chance to get the line ups organized.

Also, it is really important, given that the sun sets earlier and Christie Pits Diamond 3, Bickford Park and Trinity-Bellwoods Diamond 2 has no lights, and that we have a second game scheduled on Christie Pits Diamond 2 each night, that players and coaches are ready to go at the time indicated on the schedule. Games scheduled for 5:45 p.m. will have to start on time at 5:45 p.m. regardless of how many players are present.

Because we really want to wrap up the tournament by the end of the second full week of September, we will play in conditions of light rain that might have caused us to cancel regular season games. So don’t assume a game is cancelled because of rain.

On days of questionable weather, Players and Parents are strongly advised to check the our Twitter feed [@TPbaseballnews], the Hotline [(416) 392-1914], or website [] if the weather is suspect for updates on the status of their games. Updates will be posted 45-60 minutes prior to the official game time.

Parents, Players and Coaches in our participating divisions are also strongly advised to read the TP Tournament Rules that are applicable to them so everyone is cognizant of the rules governing ‘September Madness’.

Please click on the following link to access the 2016 Mosquito and Peewee Division Tournament Rules.

Please click on the following link to access the 2016 Bantam Division Tournament Rules.

Please click on the following link to access the 2016 TP House League Baseball ‘September Madness’ Tournament Letter.

We will also be needing to have someone acting as the official scorekeeper for each game…league personnel will be on hand to do this if necessary, but if any of you have scored games before and would be willing to do so during the tournament, either let us know at or let one of our league personnel know at the diamond. We will really appreciate any assistance we receive with the scorekeeping.

Finally, although the tournament is a really exciting time of the baseball season, we still expect everyone in their excitement to remember that it’s important to treat everyone… players, coaches, other parents and umpires in a respectful and polite matter. Our umpires, players, and coaches are all doing their best and learning more every game…let’s keep our comments and actions positive and supportive.

There are only 57 games remaining. Jump on board the smooth Lear Jet that is ‘September Madness’ before it’s over!

If you have any questions, please contact us at