Rafi Kosower: Gone…But Not Forgotten

Rafi addresses the Rangers players after a TP House League Baseball Mosquito Division postseason game at Bickford Park.

Post composed by Mike Zimmerman

Rangers coach Mike Zimmerman presents Rafi with his sponsor’s plaque and a Rangers jersey at the Harbord Bakery.

It is with sadness that we’ve learned that a well known and beloved TP booster in the community passed away over the holiday season.


Rafi Kosower, whose family has operated the Harbord Bakery for many decades, died on New Year’s Eve morning. He was 81.


Rafi had been in declining health for some time but everyone around him had hoped for a recovery.


During this past year, one of his great prides and joys was supporting our TP baseball community and helping more kids have an opportunity to play baseball in our community.