Daily Archives: July 5, 2012

MOSQUITO > Giants Prevail Over Lizzies 12-10

MIGHTY GIANTS EMERGE VICTORIOUS IN BARNBURNER OVER THE GO GO LIZZIES AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 3 Game Report compiled with files from Gordon Belray and Rebecca Wells Jopling Under the heat and humidity at Diamond 3 this evening, the Giants prevailed over the Lizzies 12-10 in 3 ½ innings of Mosquito Division […]

MOSQUITO > Dodgers Pickpocket Cardinals 16-5

FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS, ARTFUL DODGERS ROLL OVER CARDS AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 2 Game Report compiled with file from Andrew Yonick Beneath a thick veil of heat and humidity at Christie Pits Diamond 2 this evening, the Dodgers steamrolled over the Cardinals 16-5 in 4 ½ innings of Mosquito […]