Daily archives: July 19, 2012

SELECT > Bantam Selects Throttle Royal York (2) 15-5

FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS, TORONTO PLAYGROUNDS WINS ITS FIRST REGULAR SEASON GAME Game Report composed with file from Brian Verhoog Beneath cloudy skies at Queensway Park this evening, the Toronto Playgrounds Bantam Select team throttled Royal York (2) 15-5 to win its first EBA Select regular season game. TP scored […]

MOSQUITO > Cubs Clapperclaw Lizzies 9-1

CUBBIES POWER THEIR WAY TO VICTORY AS BULLPEN SHUTS DOWN GO GO LIZZIES OFFENSE AT BICKFORD PARK Beneath cloudy skies at the Bickford Park Nature Reserve this evening, the Cubs powered their way to a 9-1 victory over the Lizzies in four innings of Mosquito Division action. Firing on all cylinders, […]

MOSQUITO > Giants Top Cardinals 13-8

MIGHTY GIANTS PULL AWAY FOR VICTORY AGAINST THE PESKY CARDS AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 3 Game Report composed with files from Gordon Belray and Garry Bulloch Under a layer of cloudy skies at Christie Pits Diamond 3 this evening, the Giants topped the Cardinals 13-8 in four innings of Mosquito […]

MOSQUITO > Pirates Loot Dodgers 9-3

GNARLY BUCCANEERS HOIST THE MIZZENMAST IN WIN OVER THE ARTFUL DODGERS AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 2 Game Report composed with files from Jennifer Foster and Andrew Yonick Sailing under the overcast clouds of Christie Pits Diamond Bay, the Pirates looted the Dodgers 9-3 in 3 ½ innings to claim the gold doubloons of […]